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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Wednesday 16 May 2001 at 7.30 p.m.

1. Attendance:

Mrs J Booth
Mrs ME Coombs
Mrs DE Currie
Mr PJ Gregory
Mr TJ Howkins
Mrs IM Mackenzie
Mrs SJ Maddock
Mr AC Rickards
Mr J Rigby

Mrs YD Moore
Mr RC Parry
Mr DR Peake

2. Opening
SJM opened meeting and thanked past and present members for support during two years of office.
She invited nominations for Chairman.

3. Election of Chairman
Resolved: Mr TJ Howkins be elected.
TJH took the chair, signed the declaration of acceptance of office and accepted the badge of office.
(Before being elected he explained that CBC duties may mean absences from meetings, particularly later in the year.)
He thanked SJM for her work as Chairman.

4. Other appointments
Resolved the following appointments be made:

Vice – ChairmanMrs J Booth

Amenities & Planning

Mrs J Booth
Mrs DE Currie
Mr PJ Gregory
Mr TJ Howkins (ex officio)
Mrs SJ Maddock (Chairman)
Mrs YD Moore
Mr RC Parry

Traffic & Planning
Mrs ME Coombs
Mr TJ Howkins (ex officio)
Mrs IM Mackenzie (Chairman)
Mr DR Peake
Mr AC Rickards
Mr J Rigby

Mrs J Booth
Mrs DE Currie
Mr TJ Howkins (Chairman)
Mrs IM Mackenzie
Mrs SJ Maddock
Mr AC Rickards

Leisure Centre JMC:
Mr Howkins and Mrs Booth
Deputies Mrs Maddock and Mrs Booth

Twinning Association:
The Chairman and Mrs Maddock

Association of Parish Councils Area Meeting:
Mrs Currie and Mrs Moore
Larger Councils Forum:
Mrs Currie (Deputy Mrs Moore)

Best Kept Garden Judges:
The Chairman, Mrs Booth and Mrs Coombs

Library Liaison Committee:
Mrs Mackenzie and Mrs Maddock

CBC Area Committee:
Mrs Booth

Press / Publicity Officers:
Mr Rickards and Mrs Currie

Financial Officer (Member):
Mr Rickards

Cranage Playing Pitch Sub-Committee:
Mrs Maddock and Mr Gregory

Congleton Police Forum:
Mr Rigby

5. Civic Service
Agreed arrangements should be made for 22-05-01

6. Minutes

Council 29-03-01 approved
Council 12-04-01 approved
Annual Parish Meeting 12-04-01 approved subject to approval at next APM

7. Matters Arising
1. Mini–bus association loan:
2. Alumbrook Avenue:
DEC reported that residents realised need for library car park and had raised issues of sleeping policemen, height restriction, screening
3. Good Companions site:
concern re parking be referred to T&P

8. Performance review
Council considered action taken following last cycle of meetings

9. CBC
1. Committees:Chairman reported on membership of CBC committees affecting local members
2. Planning Committee:Letter received from CBC reporting that members of CBC Planning Committee could not comment and vote on planning applications at Parish Council meetings and then take part in voting on CBC Planning Committee because of code of conduct provisions. Concern expressed about the effect of this decision and agreed it should be referred to Association of Parish Councils for comment.
3. Reports:JR reported on vandalism problems in Sutton Oaks and Rydal Close and action taken.

10. Planning applications
Conservatory – 3 Braemar Close
– no objection.

11. Proposed gas storage plant at Byley
1. Reports given of recent public meetings held at Byley and Cranage dealing in particular with areas of concern
2. Noted that the former Chairman had ordered a Parish Meeting to be held on 23–05-01. Arrangements discussed including leaflet drop.
3. Resolved:
The Council make a formal objection to CBC and CCC.

12. Future meetings
Agreed the dates of the following meetings be changed:
A&P from 07-06-01 to 31-05-01
T&P from 21-06-01 to 20-06-01;
Otherwise the proposed calendar approved.

13. Twinning Association
Report of AGM
French visit in May cancelled because of foot and mouth; visit being arranged for October 2001

14. Accounts for payment
Resolved: the following be approved DR Cowgill – Salary Jan / March : £947.40
AC Nichols – Salary : £79.35
DR Cowgill – IT : £167.99
Cheshire Community Council – BKV : £36.75
Impact – IT a/c’s package : £295.00
Twinning Association – Sub : £20.00
DR Cowgill – Civic expenses APM : £72.25
Cornhill Insurance – Annual premium : £252.10
Scottish Power plc – Lighting : £83.57
Cranage PC – Contribution to Byley costs : £500.00
Cheshire Assoc of Parish Councils – Subs : £745.74
CCC – Use of school : £91.00
British Telecom plc – IT : £109.21
RBE Partnership – Printing : £123.50
HC Youth Club – Donation (s.137) : £1000.00
St. Luke’s PCC - Church Yards : £500.00
CAB (Crewe) – Donation (s.137) : £200.00
CAB (Local) – Donation (s.137) : £100.00
St. Luke’s Hospice – Donation (s.137) : £500.00
DR Cowgill – Salary April : £315.80
British Telecom plc – IT : £79.30

15. Foot and mouth disease
Noted situation had improved because no recent outbreaks but long term consequences must be kept under review

16. General correspondence
1. Mrs AC Nichols:
Letter of resignation as secretary typist. Resolved a presentation and a letter of thanks should be arranged in view of length of service from 1974.
2. CBC At Home:
Next meeting 14-06-01
3. Cranage P.C.:Letter of acknowledgment for contribution of £500 to costs re Byley.

17. Members’ items
Clerk reported on action taken on recent complaints.

Close 9.10 p.m.

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