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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 8th July 2004


Thursday 8 July 2004 at 7.30 p.m.

Holmes Chapel Primary School




1. Attendance

Mrs YD Moore (Committee Chairman) P

Mr DR Peake (Chairman of the Council) P

Mr WJ Forshaw A

Mr AC Rickards P

Mr MJ Street P

Mr SW Waltho P

Mr J Clowes P

Mrs SJ Maddock A


P = present, A = apology, N = non-attendance


2. Declarations of interests

Chairman (YDM) declared interest in following:

  • Planning application 1 Beeston Close
  • Hermitage School (non-prejudicial)

3. Minutes

Resolved: 22-04-04 approved


4. Matters arising

  1. General Most matters arising would be covered in agenda
  2. Sutton Oaks seat Clerk reported no progress. Committee agreed to support request from old Council for seat to be reinstated






5. Planning applications

Resolved No objection:

T157 Broad Lane Telecom mast

37522/3 9 Balmoral Drive Extension

37523/3 56 West Way - Extension

37527/3 7 Oakfield Rise - Extension

37563/3 59 Eastgate Rd Extension

Resolved object:

37549/3 1 Beeston Close Change of use to garden and new wall Loss of open space; set bad precedent for other similar areas on the same estate; might prejudice better access to and from Dane Valley in conjunction with river crossing (Chairman left meeting during discussion and DRP took chair)













6. Review of budget

Clerk gave general overview of budget and main items. Budget had been fixed by the old Council but it could be amended throughout the year if considered necessary. Committees would need to consider financing of major planning issues and Cranage Playing Field project. Decisions would have to take into account position of Cranage Parish Council in opposing ODPM decision on Byley Gas Plant









7. Village Volunteers report

JC gave a report covering following:

  1. Produced photos of various areas requiring attention Clerk to action
  2. Next meeting on Sunday (11-07-04) Clerk and ACR to publicise and ACR to arrange wider publicity for general activities
  3. Need for access to funds from time to time and be aware of sources of funding
  4. Interest in a scheme for the centre of the village incorporating the site of the existing toilets
  5. Tips for Best Kept Garden competition



ACR & Clerk


8. Review of work

Clerk explained that next few items would assist new members in understanding main tasks of committee progress of which would be built into production of a Forward Plan


9. Middlewich Road playing field

Clerk explained background to current field in particular:

  • Council owned
  • Maintenance provided by CBC
  • Equipment jointly provided by HCPC and CBC
  • CBC had plan for major refurbishment in 2008/9 so major expenditure should not be considered in next 4 years

10. Leisure Centre

Clerk explained background in particular:

  • Joint project between CCC CBC and HCPC when school built in late 1970s
  • Subsequent development of facilities
  • JMC which had not met recently
  • E-mail from Tony Parr of CBC explaining current background to meetings and also consideration of improvement to entrance in conjunction with extension of school dining room more information required










11. Library project

Clerk explained background in particular:

  • Efforts to improve facilities
  • Joint meetings CCC CBC and HCPC
  • Unsuccessful bids for funding e.g. lottery
  • Planning application because of need for new car park in village
  • Ultimately car park project pursued by CBC who bought land from CCC
  • Further funds now added by CCC budget to enable project to proceed in next 2 years
  • Joint meetings would resume shortly
  • Mainly T&P project but this committee would need to be involved also

12. Dane Valley

Clerk explained background in particular:

  • Area dedicated by Seddons to CBC in conjunction with development of adjoining land
  • Restrictions on use basically informal leisure and no buildings
  • Issues of level of maintenance grazing had been controversial but improvements expected under new Streetscape regime at CBC
  • Important in conjunction with Cranage playing field project and river crossing


  • Preference for Valley to be left in natural state
  • Steve Jones or representative of Streetscape be asked to attend next meeting















13. Cranage Playing field project

Clerk explained background in particular:

  • Joint project between CBC HCPC and Cranage Parish Council
  • Details of funding and financial contributions
  • Initial aim to provide sporting pitches and car parking / changing accommodation
  • First pitch in use, second pitch should be ready for Sept 2004 but work required over next 2 months; small car park ready
  • Surplus funds in CBC budget had enabled consideration of a vision for future and 5k earmarked for landscape architect to produce scheme
  • Parish Clerks and Steve Jones of CBC had recommended appointment of James Blake Associates of Nantwich because of 3 submissions they had best experience and had included for member participation in their submission
  • Part of project would be to provide a river crossing to Dane valley in HC and walkways from Cranage to HC and vice versa
  • Project would need to include investigation of funding
  • Decision required on naming Agreed naming after an individual not appropriate, general name reflective of area like Dane Valley or old tithe names would be more appropriate; no objection to a feature of the development being named after Frank Walton and decision not any reflection on FWs excellent service to Cranage Parish Council and the area generally






























14. Police problems

Chairman reported on recent and first meeting of Community Safety Action Group mainly presentation similar to APM. Next meeting being arranged when more specific proposals would be submitted for consideration


15. Skateboarding issues

No recent major complaints but situation must be kept under review


16. General correspondence

Hermitage School Solar System project Letter from Headteacher re this project due to start in March 2005. Funding required. Agreed committee recommend Finance Committee to provide donation of 500 towards total estimated cost of 1k.






17. Members items

  1. Recycling skips Parkway and Co-op Clerk reported CBC hoping to make arrangement for re-siting on George & Dragon Car Park. Clerk to inform CBC of change of management at G&D
  2. Footpath West Way to Middlewich Road Clerk confirmed complaints about condition had been referred for action
  3. Parking problems Parkway Clerk explained request for parking restrictions low on list of priorities. Agreed request action by Police / Traffic Wardens
  4. School crossing patrol Chairman explained that patrol on Macclesfield Road had been moved to Goostrey; but now agreed that another person could be appointed and vacancy being advertised










Close 9.20 p.m.


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