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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 11 October 2001 at 7.30 p.m.

1. Attendance
Mrs SJ Maddock (Committee Chairman)
Mr TJ Howkins (Chairman of the Council)
Mrs J Booth (Vice-Chairman of the Council)
Mrs DE Currie
Mr PJ Gregory
Mrs YD Moore
Mr RC Parry

2. Minutes
Resolved: 30-08-01 approved.

3. Planning applications
33699/3 – 4 The Milling Field
– Garage and car port – No objection
33714/3 – 18 Hawthorn Close – Conservatory – No objection
T128 – Transco Compound Middlewich Road – Object because undesirable development in open countryside.

4. Recreation matters
Committee considered update report from CBC. Arising therefrom:
1. Concern over delay on s.106 land; urge CBC to obtain transfer of ownership
2. Target date of September 2002 must be met
3. Progress on new area satisfactory but to be kept under review

Middlewich Road playing field
Early progress expected – to be kept under review

Elm Drive play area
Work carried out satisfactorily

Dane Valley
Some work done but further work required
Noted planting work to be carried out in November
Gate at Daresbury Close to be replaced
Landslip work completed
Attention required to footpath from Moreton Drive

5. Skateboarding
TJH reported that Sue Tarporley of CBC asked to review situation. Clerk asked to supply further information.

6. Leisure Centre standards
Committee noted action taken so far
Clerk asked to keep this item on future agendas for review and ask for date of next JMC

7. Local Plan
Clerk reported on revisions – none of significance for this committee. Full report to be made to T&P

8. Planting & sponsorship
Chairman and DEC reported on arrangements for work day on Sunday 18-11-01 10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. – details to be circulated nearer the date.
Clerk to press Highways to enforce reinstatement of verges on corner of Middlewich Rd / Chester Rd. following completion of new houses.

9. Finance
Clerk outlined Council’s current position and members asked to consider matter in more detail at next meeting

10. General Correspondence
1. Trees – Manor Lane – Letter from Mr Peter Fletcher of Manor Farm with copy correspondence from CBC re felling of trees for new access to from JSB site. Resolved: CBC be asked to ensure as few trees as possible are removed and replacement with very mature trees.
2. Best kept village competition – Report on marks and judges’comments. Resolved:
 Clerk to write to everyone mentioned by judges
 Details to go on notice board
 Further consideration at next meeting

Close 8.30 p.m.

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