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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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16th January 2003


Thursday 16 January 2003 at 7.30 p.m.

Holmes Chapel Primary School




1. Attendance

Mrs DE Currie (Committee Chairman) P

Mrs J Booth (Chairman of the Council) P

Mr PJ Gregory P

Mr TJ Howkins P

Mrs SJ Maddock P

Mrs YD Moore P


P = present, A = apology, N = non-attendance


2. Declarations of interests



3. Minutes

Resolved: 21-11-02 approved


4. Dane Valley

Philip Van Schijndel of CBC attended and discussed current maintenance problems. Glyn Chambers also present:

  • There was concern that photos submitted to CBC in Nov 2002 could not be traced
  • Contractor appointed to do various items of work and agreed situation be reviewed when work done
  • Community team proposals did not work out because CBC could not meet demands for site accommodation
  • CBC anticipate some grazing this year
  • Agreed there was a need to get rid of neglect
  • TJH asked CBC officers to give urgent attention to a longer term strategy

5. Village Volunteers

They had been notified of CBC officers attending this meeting but had not asked to raise any particular matters at present. Work on joint projects is proceeding


6. Cranage Playing Pitches

  1. SJM and Clerk reported on meeting held with CBC officers and Cranage Parish Council on 14-01-03. Clerk had produced note of general progress and present financial position
  2. Resolved discussion on river crossing should be discussed as private and confidential business because it included advice on land acquisition costs
  3. Resolved CBC be asked to take following action:
  4. i) to increase its budget bid for this project to include additional funds for river crossing

    ii) to continue negotiations with land owner

    iii) to notify HCPC if further financial input required to enable consideration of temporary revision of budgets

  5. Agreed Cranage Parish Council could not be asked to make further contributions at present because of its commitment to Byley planning appeal but they should be asked to continue longer term partnership
  6. Clerk to action these matters with CBC and Cranage Parish Council because Council did not want to miss any opportunity to progress this matter





















7. Skateboarding

JB reported Police were trying to contact Sue Tarplee of CBC to progress scheme because some funding available. Clerk also waiting for replies. Agreed Clerk speak to Bob Hardiker and ask him to ensure progress.





8. Best Kept Village Competition

Agreed Committee recommend that Council should not enter village for 2003 competition


9. Members items

Behaviour of school children - Concern expressed about behaviour of school children in village centre at lunch times. A complainant had telephoned school and had been informed that the problem lay with older children who had now left school. This was not considered a realistic response and Clerk asked to write to Head Teacher







Close 9.15 p.m.


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