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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 17 January 2002 at 7.30 p.m.

1. Attendance
Mrs SJ Maddock (Committee Chairman)
Mr TJ Howkins (Chairman of the Council)
Mrs DE Currie
Mr RC Parry

Mrs J Booth (Vice-Chairman of the Council)
Mr PJ Gregory
Mrs YD Moore

2. Minutes
22-11-01 approved

3. Matters arising
Skateboarding – Noted CBC in discussion with Youth Forum; agreed Clerk ask for update

4. Planning applications

1. 33965/3 – 75 Elm Drive – Extension – No objection
2. Appeal – Transco Compound – Antenna equipment – repeat original objection

5. Police
Noted Police to attend next on 28-02-02 – all members of Council to be invited

6. Recreation
Update received from CBC:
6.1 Cranage Playing Fields
There are some legal complications concerning the transfer of the land yet to be resolved, nothing that cannot be overcome. Still working to a spring start on construction. The existing pitch is available for informal use.
Agreed Clerk make enquiries about legal complications and update re river crossing
6.2 Burial arrangements
I understood that you would be discussing the proposal for burial space at Cranage with the Planning Division direct. Our own comments were included in the November update. Cranage P.C. have expressed concern that they have not been consulted. I think the feeling is against it.
Noted Vicar had approached Planning and was waiting for comments; Clerk had copied all communications to Cranage PC.
Agreed Clerk contact Cranage PC in view of comments and try to set up joint meeting pointing out ecclesiastical parish covers both HC and Cranage so both Councils have responsibilities
6.3 Middlewich Road Play area.
Works are almost complete. The site will be reopened next week
1. Clerk now obtain estimates for hedge cutting
2. Council should not accept responsibility for hedge cutting on opposite side
6.4 Dane Valley
Site cabin in place for Community Services to start this weekend. Work to begin on the steps and nearby area near the sewer pipe bridge. Final phase of planting by the end of the month.

7. Village centre
1. Update from CBC said:
“Village Centre
Making steady progress in collaboration with John Clowes and volunteers.”
2. Chairman reported on progress, future events, library path, financial position
3. Agreed Clerk thank John Clowes and team and inform them of Council discussions

8. Village appraisals
Vivien Ellis of Cheshire Community Council to give presentation to next T&P – all members to be invited

9. Leisure Centre
1. JMC – Noted RCP had asked for meeting and agreed Clerk should also press
2. Defibrillator – TJH reported on discussions with complainants; only Congleton Leisure Centre equipped and all centres now being considered subject to training costs being accommodated in budgets; TJH invited to attend presentation

10. Best Kept Village Competition:
Committee considered 2002 entry
AgreedJohn Clowes’ team be consulted before final decision made in view of effort which would be required

11. Christmas lights
Letter from Rotary confirming they would not be able to provide lights in future years.
1. Clerk thank Rotary for their efforts over 18 years
2. Enquires be made of Rotary Traders and John Clowes team to enable discussion about next year

12. Finance
Committee considered budget figures:
1. Youth Club (£1,000) – Following discussion at Finance letter received confirming agreement to accept payment of 2002/3 donation immediately and to be used for electrical work; funds being raised so loan requirement now unlikely
2. Church yards maintenance (£500) – To be paid in May
3. Christmas (£500) – Payment to depend on arrangements being made – see 11 above
4. Recreation (£25,000) – Payment to depend on progress by CBC

13. Golden Jubilee
1. Schools – Reports from IMM and PJG awaited
2. Village Event – Clerk discussing with Leisure Centre with a view to inviting people to attend Council meeting on 14-02-02
3. Memorial – Suggestion of tree for Sutton Oaks and other possibilities to be discussed at meeting on 14-02-02 and with other interested parties
4. General – Clerk reported letter from CBC and other organisation re packs available for Jubilee celebrations

Close 9.05 p.m.

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