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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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17th July 2003


Thursday 17 July 2003 at 7.30 p.m.

Holmes Chapel Primary School




1. Attendance

Mrs J Booth (Committee Chairman) P

Mr AC Rickards (Chairman of the Council) P

Mrs DE Currie P

Mr PJ Gregory P

Mr TJ Howkins A

Mrs SJ Maddock A

Mrs YD Moore P

In attendance Steve Jones and Alistair Cook of CBC Streetscape Dept

P = present, A = apology, N = non-attendance


2. Declarations of interests



3. Minutes

Resolved: 05-06-03 approved


4. Joint Committee with Cranage Parish Council

Earlier in evening reps. of HCPC (JB PJG ACR) and Cranage Parish Council (A Furnival IM Mackenzie G Yarwood) and Clerks had met to discuss this issue. Cranage reps stayed for discussion on items 4 / 5. It had been agreed:

  • Communications very important
  • Committee could oversee remaining stages of work up to both pitches being ready for use
  • Thereafter act as "Friends" of the scheme
  • Should encompass Dane Valley and river crossing

These points discussed with Steve Jones who was encouraging and agreed to come back regarding CBC involvement












5. Cranage playing pitches and Dane Valley

CBC Officers reported on the following:

  • First pitch available and being advertised locally
  • Tender process continuing with as view to phase 3 pitch being available for September 2004
  • Overhead cables should be moved but probably not underground
  • Peter Sutton of CBC had sent details of land purchase position – terms agreed with Mr Massey and proceeding to option – still trying to make further contact with Mr Hillhouse
  • Bob Hardiker had indicated that CBC did not have expertise to deal with river crossing. Agreed Cranage Parish Council should approach CCC
  • Proposals need to be linked to various forms of funding – e.g. safer routes to schools and public footpath proposals
  • HCPC thanks for work in Dane Valley, which would be passed on to Rob McGarry














6. Play areas generally

  1. CBC had received report of annual inspection of play areas
  2. Had to consider recommendations and consider priorities for Middlewich Rd and Elm Drive
  3. In meantime work had been done to remove nettles from Elm Drive and missing equipment being replaced

7. Police problems skateboarding and anti-social behaviour

  1. Meeting to be held on 08-07-03 had been postponed – to be re-arranged
  2. Police were complaining of further problems on Precinct and enquiries being made about use of bye-laws
  3. CBC officers not confident about availability of sites

8. Public conveniences

CBC had made inspection of facilities throughout Borough. HC worst facility so should receive some priority


9. Streetscape

  1. Steve Jones gave details of main areas of responsibility for new Streetscape Dept. – refuse collection, street cleansing, greenscape including cemeteries and s 106 areas, grounds maintenance, vehicle fleet, machinery
  2. This led to discussion about recent meeting with Alan Longshaw, need for regular ongoing maintenance and problem areas like footpaths from Precinct to Sandiford estate. Steve Jones agreed to investigate these matters









10. Planning applications


36049/1 – Glenholme Middlewich Road – New dwelling – No objection in principle provided that there is substantial improvement to access to the site





11. Bulb planting

Bulbs available from Methodist Church fund raising. Agreed Clerk should enquire about areas requiring planting



12. Members’


  1. Grass cutting – Dane Housing – Noted that grass still not cut outside bungalows on Sadlers Close – Clerk to report
  2. Christmas Eve Carols – ACR reported that Ladies Circle making arrangements



Close 8.55 p.m.



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