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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 18 January 2001 at 7.30 p.m.

1. Attendance
Mrs YD Moore (Committee Chairman)
Mrs SJ Maddock (Chairman of the Council)
Mr TJ Howkins (Vice-Chairman of the Council)
Mrs J Booth
Mr PJ Gregory
Mr RC Parry
Mrs DE Currie

2. Minutes
28-09-00 approved

3. General update
Mr Van Schijndel of CBC Amenities Department attended the meeting to update various matters. He agreed to report to the next meeting which may be attended by Mr Dingle the Director concerned

4. Planning applications
Committee considered the following:
Barclays Bank sign – non illuminated sign would be preferred (RCP declared interest)
60 Portree Drive – no objection

5. Police
Report of attendance of Crime Prevention Officer at Community Trust.
New phone numbers to be supplied and to go on Council web site.
New inspector appointed for this area.

6. Best Kept Village competition
Consideration of last year’s results and action to be taken for this year’s entry:
Publicity on notice board and web site;
Attention to litter

7. Budgets
Consideration of budget figures for this committee.
Special attention required to Cranage Playing pitches.

8. Cranage playing pitches
Letter from CBC confirming decisions taken by Council.
TJH reported that date announced for auction of surplus land by Health Authority. He had asked Mr Dingle of CBC to arrange a further meeting of interested parties

9. Leisure centre JMC
Chairman gave report of last meeting.
Concern about performance of fitness suites and financial performance generally. Agreed Clerk should ask for management to be included in next agenda.

10. Planting Plans and photographs of existing areas produced. Agreed PJH should consider proposals for future action.

11. Sponsorship
SJM produced letter from Mrs Ball re details of sponsorship of area like Precinct. Agreed Council should consider approaches to Community Trust and events like Britain in Bloom which may encourage sponsorship.
Resolved DEC be asked to undertake this project.

12. Area representatives
Committee considered details compiled by Clerk. Agreed this be referred to full Council for further consideration.

Close 9.30 p.m.

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