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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 19th August 2004



Thursday  19 August 2004 at 7.30 p.m.

Holmes Chapel Primary School





1. Attendance

Mrs YD Moore (Committee Chairman)     P

Mr DR Peake (Chairman of the Council)   P

Mr WJ Forshaw   P

Mr AC Rickards  P

Mr MJ Street        P

Mr SW Waltho     P

Mr J Clowes         A

Mrs SJ Maddock   A


P = present, A = apology, N = non-attendance





2. Declarations of interests

DRP, MJS and SWW declared interests in Holly Lodge Planning Appeal





3. Minutes

Resolved: 08-07-04 approved





4. Matters arising

Leisure Centre – Concern no meeting arranged.  Agreed Clerk write to CBC asking for meeting and pointing out Council has right to call a meeting under joint agreement.  If necessary Clerk to seek support of School








5.  Planning applications

1.      Planning applications – Resolved no objection:

37699/3 – 4 The Milling Fields – Conservatory

37701/9  - Texaco Garage Middlewich Rd – Illuminated signs around cash machine

37710/3 – 31 Mardale Ct – Garden room

37731/3 – 34 Danefield Rd – Conservatory

2.      Planning appeal Holly Lodge Site – Notice of appeal received – Resolved Clerk repeat Council’s original objection and support for CBC refusal













6.  CBC Streetscape Department

Before formal opening of meeting discussion with Alistair Cook of CBC

1.      Dane Valley – AC agreed some areas satisfactory but others (particularly walkways) needed attention.  CBC hope to obtain grant for woodlands survey in Cotton Wood and to deal with fallen trees. Details taken of particular requirements for long term maintenance;  Council to monitor

2.      Middlewich Rd playing field – CBC dealing with ongoing maintenance and regular litter clearance;  attention being given to safety surfacing;  Council need to consider one piece of equipment where replacement may be required

3.      Cranage plying field project – Meeting had taken place previous day when HCPC represented by Clerk and WAA.  Had met Landscape Architect who had produced programme which is being pursued

4.      Sutton Oaks – Meeting had taken place with Police and Tony Potts of CBC and Police;  seat to remain in place but be monitored.  Police concern that when measures taken to deal with anti-social behaviour in village centre problems may transfer to Sutton Oaks and other areas

5.      Skateboarding – AC confirmed that CBC still pursuing this problem and considering a number of initiatives through Helen Terry, new Youth Development Officer





















7.  Burial arrangements

This subject not discussed for some time and no success in raising it with Cranage Parish Council and CBC in relation to Cranage project.  Some time ago CBC had conducted a survey.  MJS to provide name of officer and Clerk to make enquiries




MJS & Clerk




8.  Elm Drive Play Area

Clerk apologised for omitting this area from agenda of last meeting. Provided and equipped by CBC out of s.106 money; but HCPC has kept a keen interest; CBC have £20k in the refurbishment programme for 2008 / 9; considered this may need topping up





9.  Review of seats throughout village

1.      Following sites suggested for consideration: area opposite Sutton Oaks, new seats at entrance to Precinct, entrance to Parkway adjoining Wine Bar; in due course refurbished areas of village

2.      Clerk to make enquiries about type of seats used in Leek town centre










10.  Dog fouling

In reply to questionnaire from CBC agreed they be informed there is a problem in HC.  Areas identified for particular mention







11.  Best Kept Garden Competition

Judges still working and aiming to produce results for end of month





12.  Village Volunteers

John Clowes unable to attend meeting; work continuing as planned; more volunteers always welcome; thanks to ACR for arranging publicity





13.  Police

Noted Police were to come back with suggestions for alcohol free zones





14.  Members items

1.      Dane Valley drinking problems – Chairman had asked Community Wardens to look at this problem

2.      Recycling skips – Clerk reported these were being moved gradually; replacement plastics skip awaited before moving; only problem Scope skip could not be accommodated on site available at George & Dragon.  Agreed that this could be re-sited at Station if still required bearing door to door collections by CBC and Scope themselves

3.      Resurfacing Bramhall Drive estate – Plan of problem areas had now been passed to Highways;  also complaints about street sweeping and weed spraying standards in this area

4.      Bakery at Hollins Green Farm – Question raised about advertised planning application; understood to relate to bakery to produce bread for private functions; part of diversification


















Close 8.45 p.m.



The meeting was followed by a training course for new members



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