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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 20th January 2005



Thursday  20 January 2005 at 7.30 p.m.

Holmes Chapel Primary School





1. Attendance

Mrs YD Moore (Committee Chairman)     P

Mr DR Peake (Chairman of the Council)   A

Mr AC Rickards    P

Mr MJ Street          P

Mr SW Waltho   P

Mr J Clowes        P

Mrs SJ Maddock A


P = present, A = apology, N = non-attendance





2. Declarations of interests

YDM – planning application 1 Beeston Close

ACR & MJS – non-pecuniary interest in financial items relating to Church





3. Minutes

Resolved: 11 November 2004 approved





4. Planning applications


04/0427/FUL – 39 Picton Sq. – Extension – No objection

04/0452/FUL – Cotton Farm – Storage & distribution building – Strong objection because this application would turn the site more to an industrial estate rather than the original conversion of redundant farm buildings.  Inappropriate for a property which adjoins open countryside and is close to rural dwellings

04/0473/FUL & 04/0474/LBC – Cotton Hall – Leisure Suite – Concern that development may be out of keeping with listed building bearing in mind chimneys and vents and link between two existing buildings.  If approved use should be for domestic purposes ancillary to main dwelling

04/0475/FUL & 04/0476/LBC – Cotton Hall – Garages and alterations – No objection in general principle provided that use is domestic ancillary to main dwelling and buildings in keeping with listed building.  Concern that work already underway on this site – inspection required

04/0484/FUL – 1 Beeston Close – Garage - No objection (YDM vacated chair and left meeting for this item – ACR took chair)

04/0496/FUL – 29 Middlewich Rd. – Extensions - No objection

04/0521/FUL – 22 Grasmere Drive – Extension - No objection

05/0000/COU – 22 Selkirk Drive – Change of use of land to domestic garden - No objection































5. Village Volunteers

JC reported on installation and removal of Christmas lights.  Also he had obtained up to date advice from CCC on Christmas lighting installations; he would consider this and report back








6. Review of budget

Members reviewed committee’s budget items:

Youth Club and Church Yards – Payment would be made on receipt of precept - approx May

Planting – Would be used as required for VV projects

Christmas lights – Expenditure anticipated next Christmas to renew and update equipment

Cranage Playing Fields – Expenditure would depend on progress after consultant’s report





7. Quality status

Members discussed items arising from recent discussions and agreed following recommendations:

1.      Aims and objectives – Increased support and involvement from local groups and residents; status; credibility

2.      Newsletter – One of major requirements; produce annual report in April in form of a newsletter; not necessary to circulate fully or even produce requisite number of newsletters in first year, better to work up to a reasonable standard; theme for report and APM could be partnerships with others and community involvement

3.      Work programme – Finance Committee and Council should allot tasks to each committee to avoid duplication and to achieve reasonable progress


















8. Leisure report – play areas

Clerk produced details of report to recent CBC Select Committee; starting on programme of play area improvements and carrying out necessary consultations







9.  Leisure Centre JMC

Meeting arranged for Tues 25-01-05; no consultation so various reps. and Clerk unable to attend.  Chairman asked members to ensure a good attendance and Clerk to inform CBC of issues to be raised under “Parish Council issues”, particularly recent CBC report









10. Cranage Playing Fields

1.      General progress – Consultant’s report imminent and meeting would then be arranged

2.      Land acquisition (Massey) – Clerk produced final version of option agreement for signature – signed by Chairman (YDM) and ACR – formal resolution to be passed at next full Council

3.      Land acquisition (Hillhouse) – Clerk had received earlier in day draft contract from CBC; would consider and liase with CBC to make progress













11. Library improvements

No further comments to be made at this stage – members keen for CCC to arrange a further meeting when previous comments (including staff comments) had been investigated





12. Police issues

Members considered proposals for drinking by-laws.  Agreed general support – Police and CBC to be thanked for their efforts







13. General correspondence

1.      Best Kept Village Competition – Agreed village should not be entered in 2005 but should be considered for future years

2.      Freedom of Information Act – Need to include details on web site as to who is responsible for provision of information

3.      CVS Annual report – To be circulated

4.      Royal British Legion 75th Anniversary – Parade and Church Service on Sun 19-06-05 – details to be circulated; also consideration needs to be given to Council Civic Service which would normally be on 26-06-05

5.      Byley Gas Plant – Letter from Cranage Parish Council confirming no further action to be taken on advice of legal team; financial figures to be referred to Finance Committee





ACR & Clerk














14. Members’ items

1.      Employment site A54 – Local concern about material being tipped on site.  Clerk trying to obtain information from CBC – present activities not in breach of any planning regulations but concern about future

2.      Macclesfield RdComplaint about water lying on road near Barclays to be referred to Highways

3.      Dustbin collections – Concern about reports of collections every 2 weeks – understood to be in conjunction with increased recycling collections

4.      Dane Valley path – JC reported on recent flooding caused by drainage problems which had received attention from UU; repairs to path now required – Clerk to refer to CBC

5.      Community Safety Action Group – Chairman reported on recent discussions on “skate safe” – two phases:

·        Phase 1 – for 8 to 12 age group involving portable equipment at Youth Club; planned for start by Easter

·        Phase 2 – for 12 to 18 age group needs more substantial equipment; considering possibility of mobile unit on back of lorry which could be used on school car park; hoping to arrange “coke and pizza event” later in year









Close 9.25 p.m.




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