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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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22nd January 2004


Thursday 22 January 2004 at 7.30 p.m.

Holmes Chapel Primary School




1. Attendance

Mrs J Booth (Committee Chairman) P

Mr AC Rickards (Chairman of the Council) P

Mrs DE Currie P

Mr PJ Gregory P

Mr TJ Howkins P

Mrs SJ Maddock P

Mrs YD Moore P

Mr J Clowes P


P = present, A = apology, N = non-attendance


2. Declarations of interests



3. Minutes

Resolved: 20-11-03 approved


4. Meeting with CBC Officers

Before the formal opening of meeting Steven Jones and Nick Cooke of CBC attended for discussion on various issues. Also Dr A Jackson attended meeting and presented points about access to Dane Valley:

Arising therefrom SJ agreed to deal with the following points:

Dane Valley

- Sort out the access issues raised by Dr Jackson and other dog walkers.  (access from Moreton Drive)

- Walk the valley within the month to consider other problems highlighted. 

- Alistair Cooke to report back on Management Plan and ongoing maintenance issues

Cranage Playing Fields

- Attend a meeting of the joint committee with Cranage PC to discuss future plans which will incorporate discussion on a 30,000 budget surplus. (There was also discussion about the proposed river crossing and associated matters which will be included in the next meeting of the joint committee


- Report back when there is some further information from financial advisers discussing grants etc. with CBC


- Investigate a skateboarding facility at the Leisure Centre and report back

















5. Recycling skips

Although primarily a T&P issue this matter was discussed whilst SJ present and he agreed to deal with the following:

- Investigate the poor management of the plastics skips

- Investigate the area in the Co-op car park where the glass skips are not well managed, there is waste from the Co-op and from the adjoining fruit shop

- Pursue enquiries at the George & Dragon

SJ was asked to remember the pledge from Glyn Chambers (when he attended a meeting on 04-12-03) that the new household collections must bring about a major improvement in Holmes Chapel village centre there must a re-location of the skips which have been using valuable car parking spaces for many years and are now outside a block of flats.











6. Village volunteers

Following items discussed with JC:

  • Meeting dates
  • Planter to be erected near wine bar Clerk to check it has been ordered by CBC
  • Removal of planters in Church Walk Clerk to check with Police of it is essential to move them if VV would undertake to maintain them
  • Programme for the year which would be similar to last year
  • VV expect to take on area around new public car park provided by McCarthy & Stone - Clerk to check if now in CBC ownership
  • Need for electricity and water supply in Precinct Clerk to contact Alan Bell of Libraries Dept
  • Need for a strategy on Hedges Clerk to raise with Steven Jones









7. Police problems

Clerk reported on information received from Police about a drugs raid and arrest


8. Planning applications


36849/3 Moss Cottage Saltersford Corner Garage and store No objection provided that use is ancillary to main dwelling





9. Annual Parish Meeting

Clerk reported that elections would be held in June rather than May, so date of APM could be later. Agreed that advertised date of 15-04-04 should be retained. Members asked to put forward items for discussion

All mem-bers


10. General correspondence

  1. Best Kept Village Competition Agreed Council should not enter village in 2004 competition
  2. M6 Junction 17 at Sandbach Clerk reported on correspondence and press publicity about road works which would result in additional traffic being diverted through HC. Clerk would endeavour to arrange attendance of Highways Agency Officer at T&P or Council meeting. ACR reported on Motorway Police Officer who may be able to attend a meeting









11. Members items

The following issues were raised:

  1. Village centre improvements Clerk had met Louise Wallace, CBC Conservation Officer, and Roy Spicer, District Engineer. He hoped to be able to report some progress in the near future
  2. Crossing village centre near to double roundabout Clerk to refer to T&P
  3. Deliveries / parking in village centre Clerk reported that Joint Highways had been asked to reconsider this matter
  4. Parking on Parkway - Clerk reported that Joint Highways had been asked to consider parking restrictions







Close 9.30 p.m.


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