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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 22 November 2001 at 7.30 p.m.

1. Attendance
Mrs SJ Maddock (Committee Chairman)
Mr TJ Howkins (Chairman of the Council)
Mrs J Booth (Vice-Chairman of the Council)
Mrs DE Currie
Mr PJ Gregory
Mrs YD Moore
Mr RC Parry

2. Minutes
11-10-01 approved.

3. Recreation matters
Bob Hardiker and Philip Von Schijndel of CBC Amenities dept. attended meeting to discuss:
3.1 Cranage Playing Pitches
3.2 Middlewich Road play area
3.3 Dane Valley
Their report is attached to the minutes – arising therefrom: 3.1
1. Agreed Clerk to discuss publicity
2. RCP to speak to Head of Planning about burial facilites and Clerk to ask PCC to contact him also
3. Urgent action required to secure purchase of s.106 land
4. Resolved £15,000 be paid towards costs incurred to date
3.3 Various items of work required were noted – particularly to deal with ongoing tipping problem on Daresbury Close.

4. Planting and sponsorship update
1. Chairman and DEC reported on work carried out on – 21 had attended and organisers very pleased
2. Further work to be arranged
3. See note in CBC report attached
4. Clerk to write to school to thank those pupils who attended.

5. Skateboarding
TJH reported no success on sites investigated so far
Agreed CBC be asked to approach site owners on Manor Lane

6. Planning applications

33825/4 and 33826/9 – Signs at Red Lion – Object to illuminated signs in conservation area and close to pedestrian crossing which has suffered visibility problems due to the number of lights in the area; also to the number and size of signs which are inappropriate for a listed building in a conservation area
33833/3 – Additional section to telecom structure Manor Lane – Object to increase in height which will be obtrusive to traffic entering the village on A535
33859/9 – Shop sign at 31 Station Road – Object because sign is unsuitable for the area which is partly residential
33861/3 – Extension 5 Perth Close – No objection to the design but concern about close proximity of extension to the boundary and consequent effect on adjoining property
33862/3 – Extension 15 Selkirk Drive – No objection

7. Police problems
RCP reported further concern about a custody suite in HC. Agreed Clerk ask police to keep him informed and to request a public meeting if the matter progresses.

8. Village appraisals
TJH gave brief report of meeting attended and purpose and content of an appraisal. Agreed:
1. T&P be urged to consider this with a view to participating
2. Vivien Ellis of Cheshire Community Council be asked to attend a meeting

9. Finance
Committee considered recommendations of Finance Committee and lack of funds for a major project in 2002/3. Arising therefrom:
1. Agreed Committee would be able to spread expenditure on Cranage from existing funds
2. No new major project required in 2002/3
3. Loans would require further investigation but may be suitable for T&P village centre project
4. Council needed to consider Golden Jubilee and planning appeals
5. Committee would favour an increase in Parish Precept from existing £12,000 to approx. £15,000

10. General correspondence
1. CBC “At Home” – To be held on 24-01-02 – TJH and Clerk to attend
2. New access on Knutsford Road – Progress being made on this complaint and Clerk circulating details of action being taken

Close 9.10 p.m.

CBC Report to Holmes Chapel Parish Council Amenities and Planning Committee 22 November 2001

3.0 Recreation Matters

3.1 Cranage Playing pitches

General Progress - Transfer of the Section 106 Land has still not been completed (vacant possession issue) and may become subject to legal action relating to the non-completion of landscape works on the open space provided with the housing development. Subject to land transfer being completed, grading, drainage and highway improvements are due to commence in March/April 2002.

Casual use - Goalposts erected on new land. Grass brought under a gang mowing regime. Casual use now available.

Formal use-Enquiries received from two local clubs- Holmes Chapel F.C. and Dane F.C. (under 15’s) Holmes Chapel are aiming to provide their own temporary changing facilities for next season.

Publicity – Draft Press release prepared for approval.

Burial Facilities – From Amenities and Leisure perspective burial site would not unduly affect pitch proposals. Car parking for the pitches would serve both uses as times of use would vary, - burials usually during the week morning or afternoon. Informal opinion of planning officers has been sought. Some concerns expressed.
Formal application would be required to ascertain a definitive response.

3.2 Middlewich Road Play Area

Works underway – old swings removed and new ones in. Bases and safety surfacing completed by 30th November, fencing by 7th December , all items complete by 14th December 2001

3.3 Dane Valley

Works by Community Services due to commence on 30th November 2001 starting with steps near sewerage pipes.

Reinstatement of surfaced pathways and re-routing of part of the riverside section to follow.

3 month project

4.0 Planting etc. in village centre

Schedule and programme of works agreed with local volunteer group.

Works commenced 22nd November 2001 – ongoing through to completion.

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