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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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28th February 2002





1. Attendance

Mrs SJ Maddock (Committee Chairman) P

Mr TJ Howkins (Chairman of the Council) A

Mrs J Booth (Vice-Chairman of the Council) P

Mrs DE Currie P

Mr PJ Gregory P

Mrs YD Moore P

Mr RC Parry A


P = present, A = apology, N = non-attendance

Also in attendance Mr AC Rickards


2. Police

Before formal opening of meeting Sgt Geoff Mackenzie of Congleton Community Action Team attended and answered question on policing policy matters in HC. He left handouts of contact details and dates of public meetings (designed to avoid attendance at Parish Council and other local meetings – Clerk to circulate details







3. Declarations of interest

Planning application re Hermitage School – PJG declared interest as a school governor

Planning application re Library – Chairman declared an interest as Parish Council rep. on Library Liaison Committee.

Resolved that neither of these interest should prevent members concerned taking part in discussion on these items


4. Minutes

Resolved 17-01-01 approved


5. Planning applications

Resolved no objection:

34096/3 – Hermitage Primary School – classroom extension

CCC 8/34112 – HC Library – extensions and car park

Byley Gas Plant – Clerk reported new application received, comments to be made to CCC by 28-03-02 – to be referred to T&P on 14-03-02







6. Recreation matters

Update from CBC:

Cranage Playing Fields - As previous but we are also aiming to demolish the dilapidated pavilion in the near future.

Middlewich Road Playing Field - Open and looking very much better. Sign to go in with public information.

Dane Valley - Works have started on the pathways

Agreed Clerk should arrange an inspection of all areas in next cycle of meetings. In the meantime JB was asked to carry out informal inspection of Middlewich Road field

Chairman reported letter from Mrs Stonehouse of Bessancourt complimenting Council on improvements












7. Village appraisals

Letter received from Vivien Ellis following presentation to last T&P – some funding would be available for start of a project together with assistance in preparing and collating a survey. Clerk advised that situation needed to be considered in context of Green Paper on Planning – to be considered at next T&P







8. Local Plan Inquiry

Clerk reported on initial meeting for Inquiry which would start in June. Only outstanding Council objection on "Strategic Transport Corridors"

Agreed Clerk should consider how other concerns could be drawn to Inspector’s attention






9. Leisure Centre

JMC meeting arranged for 23-04-02


10. Planting and sponsorship

Chairman and DEC reported on progress:

Group named "Village Volunteers"

Next date Sunday 17-03-02 10.00 – 13.00 which would be publicised in village

Plants to be provided by CBC together with tree for Sutton Oaks


11. Best Kept Village competition


  • Council should join 2002 competition
  • Work should be carried out at station
  • Committee recommend that cups offered by Rosemary Dear be used 1. for floral display in commercial area of village and 2. for appearance of public buildings (Churches, Schools, Library)







12. Christmas lights

Clerk reported details received from Rotary to enable consideration of future arrangements – report to future meeting




13. Annual Parish Meeting

Clerk reported on format for meeting as discussed with Chairman of Council.


14. Queen’s Golden Jubilee

Schools – Further comments from Heads still awaited

Village event – Further letters gone out with suggestion of event at Leisure Centre on Saturday 01-06-02


15. General correspondence

  1. CPRE – want to erect plaque on tree in memory of Dr Picton –agreed
  2. Safer Communities Working Group – letter received from CBC. Agreed Clerk ask IMM if she would assist and make enquiries about Homewatch Co-ordinators





Close 9.10 p.m.


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