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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 31 May 2001 at 7.30 p.m.

1. Attendance
Mrs SJ Maddock (Committee Chairman)
Mrs J Booth (Vice-Chairman of the Council)
Mrs DE Currie
Mrs YD Moore
Mr TJ Howkins (Chairman of the Council)
Mr PJ Gregory
Mr RC Parry

2. Minutes
18-01-01 approved.

3. Planning applications
Red Lion
Extension and alterations
– Object on grounds of size and proportion out of keeping with listed building in Conservation Area; effect on neighbouring residential properties.
3 Sycamore Close
Taxi business
– No objection provided conditions imposed to minimise impact on neighbouring residential properties.
36 Macclesfield Road
– Object on grounds that size and design out of keeping with adjoining properties and street scene.
11 Victoria Avenue
Renewal for taxi business
– No objection.
2 Milling Field
- No objection.
58 Middlewich Road
Dormer extension
- No objection.
31 Coniston Drive
- No objection.
Cotton Farm
Change of use to B1
- No objection provided no additional access formed.

4. General Review
Clerk gave a general introduction and agreed that following items on agenda should act as a review of work for the committee and action to be taken over the year.
Also agree CBC be asked to send an officer to the next meeting to agree objectives, areas of co-operation and financial issues.

5. Cranage playing pitches
Committee considered proposed report for submission to next CBC Amenities Committee.
1. General agreement with contents of report
2. However, although agreed that no further action to buy land at auction, attempts be made to acquire strip of land for river crossing
3. Further information required on planning issues and timetable.

6. Middlewich Road Playing Field
1. Maintenance and repair
– Letter from CBC confirming action to be taken
2. Equipment
– Chairman reported on group of parents interested in improvements to equipment. Agreed Chairman pass to them financial details and that JB undertake future liaison.

7. Elm Drive Play Area
Letter from CBC confirming general maintenance to be undertaken. Agreed they be asked to replace seat.

8. Leisure Centre
Review of current issues – bar, fitness suite, financial stability, management, use of space.
Agreed CBC be asked to include on next JMC agenda:
 review of facilities
 use of space
 use of facilities by school

9. Dane Valley
1. CBC be asked to check on report of subsidence
2. Lack of access because of foot and mouth prevents a check on current maintenance issue
3. Council should support CBC nature conservation project – JB to liase with CBC

10. Planting and sponsorship
1. JB and DEC organise poster competition for schools and display in library
2. DEC do further work on general proposals
3. DEC produce letter for circulation with Civic Service invitations

11. Area representatives
Agreed revised list be prepared for use on web site and notice board

12. Members’ items
Clerk to raise the following:
1. 15 Station Road – grass cuttings
2. McCarthy & Stone site – health & safety, parking

Close 8.30 p.m.

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