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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 15th March 2004 at 8.00 p.m.

MINUTES of the Annual Parish Meeting

Thursday 15 April 2003 at 8.00 p.m. at Holmes Chapel Primary School

  1. Present
  2. Parish Councillors Mr DR Peake (in the chair) Mr JB Adams Mrs J Booth Mrs ME Coombs Mrs DE Currie Mr TJ Howkins Mrs IM Mackenzie Mrs SJ Maddock Mrs YD Moore

    Councillor J Brown

    15 members of the public

    2 Police representatives – Inspector Chris Jones and Sergeant Gareth Woods

    Liz Shaw – Rural Services Development Manager Congleton CAB

    Apologies for absence received from Messrs PJ Gregory RC Parry AC Rickards and J Clowes

  3. Alan Rickards
  4. The Chairman, David Peake (Vice-Chairman of the Council took the chair and opened the meeting. He reported that the Chairman of the Council was in hospital for the second time because of a problem with his leg. Good wishes were sent for a speedy recovery

  5. Minutes
  6. The minutes of the following meetings were read approved and signed as an accurate record:

    Annual Parish Meeting – 10 April 2003

    Parish Meeting – 23 October 2003 – re proposed waste tip at Kinderton

    Parish Meeting – 18 March 2004 – re Holly Lodge development

  7. Citizens Advice Bureau
  8. Liz Shaw gave a powerpoint presentation on the work of the local CAB, the new office to open in Sandbach, local outreach in Holmes Chapel and requirements for help from local people

  9. Police
  10. Chris Jones gave a powerpoint presentation on local problems particularly anti-social behaviour and the need to set up a local group to identify and solve problems

  11. Financial Report
  12. The Clerk presented a brief report on the Council’s finances.

  13. Chairman’s Report
  14. The Chairman précised a report prepared by Alan Rickards on major issues from the last Council year and on items for the future in particular the forthcoming elections

  15. Parish Council elections

The Chairman gave details of significant dates in the draft timetable and emphasised the need for people to stand for election bearing in mind points made in the Chairman’s report – particularly that a number of existing members were not standing for re-election

9. Questions and comments

The Chairman opened the meeting for questions and comments and the following issues were raised:

Gas storage plant at Byley – decision still awaited


Waste tip at Kinderton

Employment site south of A54

The formal business ended at 9.10 p.m. with a vote of thanks to the guest speakers

Wine and cheese were served to allow informal discussions to take place.

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