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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Holmes Chapel Parish Council


The Council has appointed members to take a special interest in different parts of the village. The appointment of these area representatives helps the Council to ensure that residents of all areas of Holmes Chapel feel that there is someone in their area they can contact with any problems. Also the system helps the Council with some administrative tasks. Holmes Chapel is not split into wards so all members represent the whole of the village and all residents must feel that they contact any member of their choice or the Clerk of the Council at any time.

Bill Forshaw - Elm Drive, Ash Close, Hawthorn Close, Chestnut Drive, Birch Close, Maple Close, Beech Close, Cedar Close

Alan Ashworth - Middlewich Road, Crofters Court, Bessancourt

Alan Watkins - Sandiford Road, Alumbrook Avenue, Eastgate Road, Mayfield Close, St. Luke’s Close, Sycamore Close

Jonathan Adams - Village Centre, the Square, Church View, London Road to Health Centre, Parkway, Knutsford Road, Hawthorn Villas

David Savage - Coniston Drive, Lingmell Gardens, Thirlmere Close, Furness Close, Ingleton Close, Edenhall Close, Sedbergh Close, Helton Close, Derwent Close, Bowness Close, Grassmere Drive, Cartmel Close, Rydal Close, Mardale Court, Broad Lane, Cavendish Way

May Mackenzie - Public areas and facilities in the village (e.g. play areas, schools, leisure centre, library, health centre )

Steve Waltho - Macclesfield Road to Manor Lane, Hermitage Drive, Danefield Road, Riverside Crescent, Rees Crescent, Picton Square

Yvonne Moore - Bramhall Drive, Haddon Close, Hatfield Court, Elmore Close, Daresbury Close, Manley Close, Beeston Close, Jodrell Close, Ravenscroft, Jubilee Court,

Rab Parry - Moreton Drive area and Northway, Westmorland Terrace, Sadlers Close, Gawsworth Close, Capesthorne Close

David Peake - London Road from Health Centre, Victoria Avenue, Alum Court, Station Road, Bromley Drive, Manor Lane, Saltersford, Marsh Lane, Mill including liaison with industry

Alan Rickards - Portree Drive, Strathmore Close, Peebles Close, Aberfeldy Close, Lochmaben Close, Troon Close, Glenorchy Close, Glencoe Close, Lockerbie Close, Braemar Close, Mallaig Close, Galloway Close, Arran Close, Selkirk Drive, Dunoon Close, St. Andrews Drive, Dunbar Close, Southlands, Gleneagles Drive, Berwick Court, Dornoch Court, Elgin Avenue, Stirling Court, Perth Close, Montrose Court, Nairn Avenue

Mike Street - Chester Road, The Milling Field , The Drive, West Way, Brookfield Drive, Hillcrest Avenue, Oakfield Rise

D.R. Cowgill

Clerk of the Council

Clerk to the Council

David Richard COWGILL
2 Arundel Gardens, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 9BZ
01565 632344