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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Chairman David Savage


Vice Chairman Steve Waltho



Amenities & Planning

Yvonne Moore (Committee Chairman)

Patricia Cotton

John Clowes


David Savage

Paul Such

Mike Street

Steve Waltho

Traffic & Planning

Alan Rickards (Committee Chairman)

Alan Ashworth

George Laws

May Mackenzie

Rab Parry

David Savage

Finance & General Purposes

Chairman Chairman of the Council, David Savage

Mr Clowes (A&P)

Mrs Mackenzie (T&P)

Mr Rickards (T&P)

Mr Waltho (A&P)


Leisure Centre JMC Yvonne Moore and David Savage Deputies Mike Street and Steve Waltho


Twinning Association The Chairman and Rab Parry


Association of Parish Councils Area Meeting Mike Street and Paul Such


Best Kept Garden Judges - The Chairman, John Clowes and Alan Rickards


Village Volunteers Liaison John Clowes


Library Liaison Committee May Mackenzie and David Savage


CBC Area Committee - The Chairman


Press / Publicity Officer(s) Clerk


Financial Officer (Member) Alan Rickards


Cranage Playing Pitch Sub-Committee Steve Waltho and Alan Ashworth


Congleton Police Forum Rab Parry


HC Community Safety Action Group Rab Parry

Deputy Alan Ashworth

Until 2006

Sandbach Almshouses Charity Trustee May Mackenzie


County Transport Liaison Committee Alan Ashworth

Deputy Rab Parry


Highway Spokesman Rab Parry Deputy May Mackenzie


M6 Committee David Savage Deputy Rab Parry


CAD Committee Patricia Cotton, George Laws Rab Parry and David Savage





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