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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Your VILLAGE Needs You!

OK, perhaps not the country, but certainly "Your VILLAGE Needs You"! This year is election time for Holmes Chapel Parish Council. Every four years all 12 members of the Council are required to stand down. Many of them will want to stand for election again, although this year - for perfectly valid reasons - a large proportion of members have decided not to stand for election. Many of these members have already served a large number of years as Councillors and are taking a well earned retirement from Council matters.

This therefore means that there will need to be several new nominations for new candidates if all 12 seats are to be filled.

Why don't YOU get involved in your local Community?

There is a short time span between the Notice of Election (30th April 2004) and the last day for nomination papers to be completed and returned to Congleton Borough Council offices in Sandbach (11th May). However, arrangements can be made for your papers to be delivered if you are unable to get there yourself.

For more information on being a Parish Councillor, please contact either the Council Chairman, Alan Rickards, on 01477 534193 (E-mail:, or the Clerk to the Council, David Cowgill, on 01565 632344 (E-mail:

"We may not always agree with each other in Council Meetings, but we are a friendly bunch who have even been known to actually have fun!"

Cllr. Alan Rickards, Chairman, Holmes Chapel Parish Council
April 2004

Election Day this year is on 10th June. However, for the first time the election will be by postal ballot, not be going along to the polling stations. Ballot Papers will be issued to voters on 26th May.