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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 01 November 2001 at 7.30 p.m.

1. Present
Mr TJ Howkins (Chairman)
Mrs J Booth (Vice-Chairman)
Mrs IM Mackenzie
Mrs SJ Maddock
Mr AC Rickards

Mrs DE Currie

2. Minutes
– 04-10-01 approved

3. Financial report / budgets
1. Clerk updated financial report and projections to year end considered at last meeting
2. Committee scrutinised budget figures for next year with a view to Clerk reporting to next cycle of meetings
3. Clerk to report to committees and further consideration to be given to loans for ongoing / new projects, Queen’s Golden Jubilee and planning appeals.

4. Computer / accounts system
ACR reported on meeting with Clerk to consider efficiency of computer system and introduction of computerised accounts after audit of last year’s accounts.

5. Standing orders
Clerk reported ACR had reformatted draft standing orders provided by Parish Councils Assoc. This would enable draft to be produced for consideration by committee in near future.

6. Accounts for payment
Clerk’s salary
Rotary – Christmas lights
Cranage PC – Planning costs for Byley gas plant*
* Agreed that costs of any future appeal need to be considered carefully because Council would not be in a financial position to contribute to costs of expert witnesses.

7. Members’ items
Agreed Clerk should supply to members on e-mail paper for printing agendas minutes etc.

Close 8.10 p.m.

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