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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 04 October 2001 at 7.00 p.m.

1. Present
Mr TJ Howkins (Chairman) Late arrival
Mrs J Booth (Vice-Chairman)(in chair)
Mrs DE Currie
Mrs IM Mackenzie
Mrs SJ Maddock
Mr AC Rickards

2. Minutes
Resolved 09-08-01 approved

3. Financial report / update
Clerk presented report showing expenditure to date compared with budgets, current balances and projections to year end.
Noted and agreed:
1. No demands so far by CBC for contribution to Cranage playing pitches
2. Concern about materials used in experimental area in village centre may mean delay in spending the budget figure
3. Work on village centre garden areas not likely to use whole of budget figure
4. Further information awaited about Churchyard project
5. Costs of IT need to be reviewed for next year
6. Changes in CAB organisation mean that Council should check where any contributions should be made
7. If major projects at Cranage and in village centre go ahead funds will be exhausted
8. Clerk to make enquiries about future precept arrangements
9. Committees to consider their requirements for next year.

4. Byley gas plant
Meeting at Cranage on 10-10-01 – Council to be represented by TJH and RCP, who needed guidance on future financial contributions.
Committee reviewed position carefully and resolved:
1. Reps. be authorised to use discretion, but to offer a maximum of £1,000 to present costs
2. No commitment should be made to future costs of an appeal because that situation needed careful investigation
3. Meeting should be encouraged to investigate all sources of finance.

5. Accounts for payment
Clerk’s salary – Aug / Sept
Garden competition expenses
Book launch contribution

Close 8.00 p.m.

Repairs/vandalism £500
Youth Club £1,000
Church Yards
- Maintenance £500
- Works £7,000
Christmas £500
Recreation £40,000
Middlewich Road Playing Field £2,000

Church Floodlights
- Electricity £500
- Maintenance £100
Village Centre / Countryside / Pollution Projects £1,000
Village Centre Improvements £45,000

Audit £1,000
Salaries £8,000
Subscriptions £100
Association of Parish Councils £1,000
Civic functions and duties £600
Petty Cash / Stationery £500
I.T. £375
Insurance £250
C.A.B. £300
St. Luke’s Hospice £500
Meetings £200
Contingency £1,075

TOTAL £112,000

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