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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 07 February 2002 at 7.30 p.m.

1. Present
Mrs J Booth (Vice-Chairman)(in the chair)
Mrs IM Mackenzie
Mr AC Rickards

Mr TJ Howkins (Chairman)
Mrs DE Currie
Mrs SJ Maddock

2. Minutes
10-01-02 approved

3. Financial report
Clerk gave a verbal update – little change from detailed report presented to last meeting

4. Youth Club
Clerk reported £1,000 annual donation paid early and acknowledged.
Progress made and now less likely loan from Council required

5. Budgets
Clerk confirmed other committees had reviewed their budget provision to plan for next financial year.
Committee looked at remaining budget figures most of which would arise in normal course of business

6. Code of Conduct
1. Clerk reported on information received from CBC and Assoc. of Parish Council and on courses to be held in Cheshire.
2. Code to be adopted by 05-05-02 and members to sign new declarations and complete register within 2 months.
3. Clerk advised:
 Chairman and Clerk and if necessary other members attend at least one course meeting
 Council to adopt model code
 Members to be informed at next meeting (14-02-02) and to deal with formal adoption, declarations and register at meeting on 28-03-02 provided stationery available; if not a short additional meeting to be arranged before APM on 11-04-02
 Situation to be reviewed if courses or written material suggested any amendment to above
1. Council recommended to follow Clerk’s advice
2. Clerk to make arrangements accordingly

7. Standing orders
Clerk reported new standing orders prepared for formal adoption subject to:
 Some amendment would be required to include reference to code of conduct
 Decision required on tender process (wording agreed for inclusion in draft)
Agreed Clerk should circulate copy to Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Committee Chairmen and Financial Officer and present draft for adoption at same meeting as code of conduct; following adoption bound copies to go to each member, CBC, CCC and MP

8. Accounts for payment
DR Cowgill – Salary January £393.60
Inland Revenue – Tax / NI £169.80
J Booth – Engraving for garden competition £5.75
Traders Assoc. – Village Guide £500.00

9. Members’ items
1. Best Value ; Quality status – Agreed committee would need to consider these issues in next civic year, striking a balance with need to attend to local issues
2. Burial arrangements – ACR reported these issues had been raised:
 Council’s contribution to upkeep of Churchyards – estimated cost for this year £1,000 – agreed review in Sept / Oct for next financial year
 Ownership of land if facilities provided on Cranage land – to be raised when joint meeting held

Close 8.35 p.m.

Draft Budget 2002/3

Amenities & Planning
Youth Club £1,000
Church yards maintenance £500
Christmas £500
Recreation £25,000

Traffic & Planning
Church floodlights £500
Planting etc £500
Planning appeals £5,000
Village centre improvements £45,000

Finance Committee
Audit £1,000
Salaries £7,500
Subscriptions £100
Assoc of Parish Councils £1,000
Civic functions & duties £600
Petty cash / stationery / IT £1,500
Insurance £300
CAB £300
St Luke’s Hospice 500 Meetings £200
Golden Jubilee £2,000
Contingency £2,000

Total £95,000

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