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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 08 February 2001 at 7.30 p.m.

1. Present
Mrs SJ Maddock in the chair
Mrs DE Currie
Mrs IM Mackenzie
Mrs YD Moore
Mr AC Rickards

2. Apologies
Mr PJ Gregory
Mr TJ Howkins
Mr J Rigby

3. Minutes
30 November 2000 and 11 January 2001 approved subject to slight amendment of budget figures

4. Matters arising
Delegation of functions from CBC:
The Clerk reported that he had arranged a meeting with Community and Operations Director and would report back.

5. Budgets
Committee considered final budget figures:
Agreed consideration be given to item for planning appeals in 2002/03 Clerk reported meeting on 9 February 2001 to discuss Cranage Playing Fields because auction had been arranged by Health Authority of their surplus land. Financial implications considered.
Agreed Chairman and Clerk attend meeting and report back to Council meeting on 15 February 2001 as private and confidential business.

6. IT System
Clerk gave further progress report – additional telephone and scanner installed. YDM produced details for Clerk to order trial of accounts package

7. Management of the Council
Committee considered further action to be taken re accounts and standing orders.
Clerk produced for consideration new format of minutes to assist with monitoring performance.
New format of minutes approved for use for Council and all committee minutes

8. Best Value
Committee considered action taken so far.
List of members’ interests (non-financial) prepared and circulated. Members to consider further amendments required and whether the list should be for internal use only or circulated.

9.Accounts for payment
Resolved the following be approved:
 Clerk’ salary £315.80
 Secretary - Time sheet to follow
 Scanner and IT items £140.99
 Best kept village competition £30.00

10. Annual Parish Meeting
Format discussed
1. Invitation for former members to attend
2. Arrange Cheese and Wine
3. General publicity

11. Members’ items
Report form prepared by Clerk should be adopted to avoid abuse of this item on all agendas

Close 8.10 p.m.

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