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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 8th August 2002 at 7.30 p.m.





1. Attendance

Mrs J Booth (Chairman) P

Mr AC Rickards (Vice-Chairman) P

Mrs DE Currie P

Mrs IM Mackenzie A

Mrs SJ Maddock P

Mr DR Peake P

P = present, A = apology, N = non-attendance


2. Declarations of interests



3. Minutes

Resolved 27-06-02 approved


4. Matters arising

  1. Byley – Recommendation that Council offer a further £2,000 to be made available when expenses actually incurred;
  2. Clerk to circulate details of fundraising bbq

  3. Standing orders - Parish Councils Assoc. had sent new model standing orders; Clerk to compare them and advise on amendments required
  4. Skateboarding - Recommendation from A&P to be reported to next week’s Council meeting
  5. Cranage Playing Fields - Areas of concern were raised by Cranage Parish Council at recent CBC "At Home". Peter Cooper agreed to investigate and action – response to be available for next week’s Council meeting







5. Financial report / update

Clerk circulated a brief report of present financial position and issues


6. Internal auditor

Clerk reported on discussion with Mrs Jones who was prepared to act. Meeting to be arranged with her and ACR to formalise arrangements

ACR & Clerk


7. Insurance costs and review

Committee reviewed existing cover and agreed no changes to be recommended (including fidelity guarantee).

In view of increasing costs of premiums budgets would have to be prepared with care





8. White Paper on Regional Government and "Quality" Parish Councils

Chairman and clerk reported on presentation made to CBC "At Home" on this issue. An important question was future status of Parish Councils, the general view being that there would be an important role. That role may be enhanced by "Quality" status.

Agreed Clerk should consider "Quality" status in more detail








9. Borough Council financial arrangements with Parish Councils

Chairman and clerk reported on presentation made to CBC "At Home" on issues of "double taxation".

Existing joint arrangements for Middlewich Road playing field had originated from this issue.

CBC were now considering paying for upgrading of Parish Lighting to Highway standard. T&P committee had raised this issue at last meeting and letter had gone to CBC


10. Chairman’s badge of office

Agreed enquiries be made as to cost of cleaning and improving badge of office



11. Accounts for payment

DR Cowgill – Salary July £393.60

DR Cowgill – IT expenses 27.99

Cheshire Assoc of Parish Councils – Standing orders 7.50


12. General correspondence

  1. CBC Area Forum 3 – Meeting to discuss future to be held on 03-09-02 – Chairman and ACR to attend
  2. Burial facilities – Letter received from Head of Planning advising on future steps which required discussion with Cranage Parish Council and costs to be incurred in ground investigations. Agreed more input required from Vicar, Churchwardens and PCC. ACR reported that PCC had enquired about progress at recent meeting. Agreed Clerk write to Vicar









Close 8.45 p.m.


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