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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 18 September 2003 at 7.30 p.m.


Thursday at 18 September 2003 at 7.30 p.m.

Holmes Chapel Primary School




1. Attendance

Mr AC Rickards (Chairman) A

Mr DR Peake (Vice-Chairman) P (in the chair)

Mrs J Booth P

Mrs IM Mackenzie A

Mrs SJ Maddock P

Mr RC Parry P

P = present, A = apology, N = non-attendance


2. Declarations of interests

RCP declared non-prejudicial interest in issues relating to Victoria Club and Royal British Legion

SJM declared non-prejudicial interest in Victoria Club item


3. Minutes

Resolved 07-08-03 approved


4. Financial report / update

  1. Committee considered report prepared by Clerk
  2. No unusual figures for time of year
  3. Second instalment of precept expected at end of month

5. Victoria Bowling Club

Committee considered request for financial assistance towards cost of new lighting; request had also been made to CBC; requirement was to raise £1,000 towards total cost of £5,600. Agreed that no funds available in current financial year, but if a future donation was to be considered it would be more appropriate to make a donation to the Victoria Club (because of the overall range of facilities provided) rather than to an individual section









6. Local Government Review

  1. Clerk reported that final comments had been made to Local Government Boundary Committee. Differing views locally favouring a Unitary Authority of either Cheshire or Congleton / Macclesfield
  2. Agreed position be noted
  3. Clerk to express concern that Government appears to be ignoring issue that majority view is against Regional Government









7. Retirement of Peter Cooper

Suggestion had been made that Parish / Town Councils make a presentation to Peter Cooper at next CBC "At Home" to mark his retirement as Chief Executive. Resolved Council should make a contribution of £25 under s 137






8. Meetings on 09-10-03

There would be 3 meetings which clashed: Assoc. of PC’s AGM, CBC "At Home" and Council’s A&P Committee. Agreed:

  1. Attendance at Assoc of PC’s AGM not required unless any non-member of A&P wished to attend
  2. Chairman of Council (if available) and Clerk attend "At Home" until 8.00
  3. A&P to start at 8.15 p.m.









9. Accounts for payment

DR Cowgill – Salary August- £343-60

DR Cowgill – Garden prentations - 145-72

HC Methodist Church – Bulbs - 100-00 *

HH Haulage & Courier – CAD - 17-63

Royal British Legion - Wreath - 17-50






10. Middlewich Rd School

Account had been received in sum of £103-35 for repairs to glass in exit control – allegedly caused at reception after Council Civic Service. Agreed Clerk make further enquiries before agreeing payment





11. General correspondence

  1. Cheshire Planning Forum - Next meeting 10-10-03 – RCP agreed to arrange attendance
  2. History of RAF Cranage – Letter asking if Council would provide venue for an exhibition. Agreed correspondent be informed that Council did not own or control any such facility, but would consider donating towards cost of hiring a local hall







Close 8.10 p.m.


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