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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 22 March 2001 at 7.30 p.m.

1. Attendance

Mrs SJ Maddock (Chairman)
Mr TJ Howkins (Vice-Chairman)
Mrs DE Currie
Mrs YD Moore
Mr AC Rickards
Mr J Rigby

Mr PJ Gregory
Mrs IM Mackenzie

2. Minutes
8 February 2001 approved

3. Matters arising
Standing orders – Clerk reported that he had obtained specimens on disc and would be able to produce a draft for consideration, and which would be simple to amend and update in future.
Action: Clerk

4. Financial Report
Clerk gave brief verbal report – little change from last meeting, Mini Bus Association loan to be repaid before end of month which would enable accounts to be paid for year end.
Action: Clerk

5. Delegation of functions
Committee considered report prepared by Clerk following correspondence and meeting with Operations and Community Director CBC. There was general agreement with the Clerk’s advice and conclusions and agreed he should continue discussions
Action: Clerk

6. Standards
Committee considered draft code of conduct arising from Local Government Act 2000.
General support
2. Procedures should be simple and not out of proportion to the issues and problems involved
3. Comments to be made through Assoc. of Parish Councils.
Action: Clerk

7. Annual Parish Meeting
Agreed meeting should proceed because it would not be affected by Foot and Mouth Disease crisis.

8.Accounts for payment
 Salaries
 Tax and National Insurance
 British Telecom
 Cash
 Electricity
Action: Clerk

9. General correspondence
– Minutes of last At Home and details of next meeting. Clerk to sort out date
Action: Clerk

Close 7.55 p.m.

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