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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 01 March 2001 at 7.30 p.m.

N.B. These minutes are subject to approval at the next meeting.

1. Attendance

Mrs SJ Maddock (Chairman)
Mr TJ Howkins (Vice-Chairman)
Mrs J Booth
Mrs ME Coombs
Mrs DE Currie
Mr PJ Gregory
Mr RC Parry
Mr AC Rickards
Mr J Rigby

Mrs IM Mackenzie
Mrs YD Moore
Mr DR Peake

2. Cranage Playing Pitches
Mr A Furnival of Cranage PC attended the meeting for this item.
Resolved : this matter be discussed as private and confidential business
Clerk to report to CBC

3. Minutes

Council 07-12-00 approved
Council 11-01-01 approved
A&P 18-01-01 received
T&P 01-02-01 received
Finance 08-02-01 received
Council 15-02-01 approved

4. Matters Arising
1. Middlewich Road Playing Field – Report from CBC to be circulated for discussion at next Council meeting
2. Leisure Centre Management – Report from TJH of CBC meeting on 26-02-01 – further decisions to be made and to be discussed at next JMC
3. Sponsorship – DEC agreed she would take on this matter and would report back to a further meeting
4. Area Representatives – List agreed for circulation after Annual Meeting and to be included on web site
5. Byley – Thanks from Cranage PC for contribution.

5. Future Agendas
1. T&P – Local Plan, Housing Needs Survey
2. Finance – Standards, Delegation of functions
3. APM – Invitation to former members and Community Trust, Cheese and Wine

6. CBC Matters
1. Vandalism at Sutton Oaks – disappointment at Police response
2. Pruning of hedges
3. Council tax details
4. Chairman and Clerk had attended “At Home”

7. CCC Matters
1. Recruitment drive for foster parents and adoption
2. Foot and Mouth disease – various restrictions including closure of public footpaths
3. Council tax details
4. 50 mph speed limit to be imposed Twemlow to Saltersford
5. Planning application for control room at sewerage works – in Cranage parish and does not affect playing pitches
6. New cabinet and committee arrangements starting.

8. School Governors
Resolved: object to proposed changes to constitution of school governing bodies:
1. lack of consultation with minor authorities
2. loss of broad base of opinion including non parents
3. lack of numbers to accept responsibility may affect those willing to serve

9. Twinning Association
AGM – 10-03-01
Visit of French – 05-05-01

10. Police
Inspector Morrall to attend next meeting on 29-03-01
Contact number 01244 614242

11. Planning Applications
2 Gleneagles Drive – roof – no objection

12. General correspondence
Brookfield Drive – Notice of proposed no waiting order

13. Members' Items
1. Foot and mouth disease – Events being cancelled
2. Benger House office – Concern about possible demolition to be referred to CBC
3. Manor Lane – Concern about possible remand centre to be referred to Police
4. e-mail – Members on e-mail happy with circulation of information
5. Bus services – ACR reported on improvements.

Close 9.05 p.m.

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