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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 1st April 2004 at 7.30 p.m.


Thursday 1 April 2004 at 7.30 p.m.

Holmes Chapel Primary School




1. Attendance

Mr AC Rickards (Chairman) A

Mr DR Peake (Vice-Chairman) P (in the chair)

Mr JB Adams P

Mrs J Booth P

Mrs ME Coombs P

Mrs DE Currie P

Mr PJ Gregory A

Mr TJ Howkins P

Mrs IM Mackenzie P

Mrs SJ Maddock A

Mrs YD Moore P

Mr RC Parry A

County Councillor K Oliver N

Borough Councillor J Brown N

P = present, A = apology, N = non-attendance


2. AC Rickards

The Chairman of the Council had been in hospital; the Chairman announced that he was now home and taking interest in Council business; he would be out of action for at least 2 weeks but hoped to chair APM on !5-04-04. Members sent good wishes for a speedy recovery


3. Declarations of interests

JB and Clerk declared non- prejudicial interest in financial issues relating to Twinning Association


4. Minutes


Council – 19 February 2004 - approved

Amenities & Planning – 4 March 2004 - received

Parish Meeting (re Holly Lodge) - 18 March 2004 - approved

Traffic & Planning – 18 March 2004 - received


5. Matters arising

  1. Somerford Motors – Clerk reported that planning application had been submitted to CBC. It was being processed and likely to be in next list. Affected Brereton Parish so Clerk instructed to request a copy
  2. Holly Lodge planning application – Refused by CBC; concern expressed about possible appeal





6. Performance review

Clerk reported that work required for year end – accounts Annual Meetings and elections



7. Annual Parish Meeting

Clerk reported on arrangements. Any member wanting specific item to be included to inform Clerk within next week

All members


8. Amenities & Planning

  1. Next meeting - Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda
  2. Cranage playing fields – Meeting arranged with CBC members and officers for 21-04-04. Clerk to arrange attendance and to circulate draft design brief which will form basis of main discussion






9. Traffic & Planning

1. Next meeting - Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda

2. Employment site A54 – Members noted with concern that site had been included in Local Plan. Arising therefrom:

  • Thanks expressed to those who had worked to persuade CBC to exclude site
  • Particular concern about procedural issues which had prevented local members from voting; and that site approved notwithstanding weight of professional opinion opposing it and view that a site needed in Congleton town rather than other towns
  • Terms of press release agreed
  • Clerk to make enquiries of CBC Chief Exec. On reasons and procedural issues
  • Agreed Clerk write to CPRE complaining that they had not objected to the site although they had asked for its development to follow development of brown field sites

















10. Finance

  1. Next meeting - Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda
  2. Accounts for payment –


DR Cowgill

Balance of salary 2003/4


Inland revenue

Balance of PAYE / NIC 2003/4


HC Singers

s137 donation for Costs of Charity concert





Chesh. Assoc. of PC’s

2004/5 sub















11. Borough Council matters

  1. TJH reported he had been asked to appear at planning appeal against VRBC refusal of animal processing plant at Sproston
  2. Chairman expressed concern about attendance of Cllr J Brown at meetings. TJH commented on him being ill but now started attending meetings again

12. School Governors

YDM reported on staffing issues and proposals for alterations and extension at Hermitage School


13. Sandbach Almshouses Charity

DRP had not been able to attend last meeting. Main business had been to approve accounts which were satisfactory


14. Twinning Association

Clerk reported on:

  • Confirmation of grants totalling £600 from CBC to Assoc., which would enable repayment of balance of loan – Resolved Council waive claim for interest
  • Forthcoming AGM on 24-04-04
  • Forthcoming visit from a small number of French in May





15. Police

In absence of ACR Clerk had discussed concerns with Inspector Jones and, subject to Council approval, agreed basis on which he should address APM. Agreed Clerk and ACR proceed with arrangements accordingly


ACR & Clerk


16. Skateboarding

Clerk reported that CBC officers were taking steps to investigate further possible use of school site


17. General correspondence

  1. Martins – 31 London Rd – Notice of application for transfer of licence
  2. Cheshire Planning Forum – Notice of next meeting – IMM agreed to attend
  3. County Structure Plan Review – Notice of launch meeting – nobody able to attend
  4. Public footpaths – Details of new monitoring officers and also notice of meeting to discuss Footpath No 31 Brereton re application to downgrade bridleway to public footpath
  5. Precinct – Agents had confirmed they would make inspection of car aprk following Clerk’s complaints about condition
  6. CBC Play area refurbishment programme – to be referred to A&P
  7. Environment Agency – Proposed additions to main river network
  8. June elections – Clerk had obtained details of information to be provided for Parish Council candidates – which included reference to Standards and Code of Conduct















18. Members items

  1. Parking problems – outside Barclays Bank, Sutton Oaks and Health Centre to be referred to T&P; Clerk to make enquiries in meantime
  2. Disabled toilets – Noted that CBC investigations addressing this issue
  3. Middlewich Rd Playing Field – TJH reported on social disorder incident
  4. Church Walk – Use by van from 30 London Rd to be referred to Planning Dept
  5. Recycling – JBA expressed concern that scout directory bin not always emptied properly; Clerk had reminded CBC of need to tidy up Parkway at start of new collection scheme which started today












19. Private & confidential business

Resolved remaining business be discussed in private. Discussion about forthcoming elections on 03-06-04. Several members had indicated intention not to stand. Agreed local residents be encouraged to stand bearing in mind general apathy throughout the country



All members


Close 8.40 p.m.


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