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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 3rd July 2003 at 7.30 p.m.


Thursday 3 July 2003 at 7.30 p.m.

Holmes Chapel Primary School




1. Attendance

Mr AC Rickards (Chairman) P

Mr DR Peake (Vice-Chairman) P

Mr JB Adams P

Mrs J Booth P

Mrs ME Coombs P

Mrs DE Currie P

Mr PJ Gregory P

Mr TJ Howkins P

Mrs IM Mackenzie P

Mrs SJ Maddock P

Mrs YD Moore P

Mr RC Parry P

County Councillor K Oliver P

Borough Councillor J Brown P

P = present, A = apology, N = non-attendance


2. Declarations of interests

None from members. John Brown indicated that he would not be able to discuss planning applications because of membership of CBC Planning Committee


3. Minutes


Council AGM 14-05-03 - approved

Special Council 05-06-03 - approved

Amenities & Planning 05-06-03 - received

Traffic & Planning 19-06-03 - received

Finance 26-06-03 - received


4. Matters arising

  1. Code of conduct / new member Forms now available copy passed to JA
  2. Skateboarding Meeting arranged for 08-07-03 see item 5 on agenda
  3. Cranage Playing Field Committee - Cranage Parish Council have appointed 3 representatives to a joint committee with one substitute. Resolved JB, PJG and SJM be appointed for HCPC with Chairman as substitute
  4. Planning Committee John Brown is a member
  5. Planning seminar Notes to be circulated
  6. Village volunteers Clerk reported Rob McGarry of CBC had now made contact with John Clowes
  7. Village centre improvements CBC have instructed Richard House and Roy Spicer to deal with this matter. Clerk had met with Richard House, agreed materials and agreed that there should be liaison with Marshalls to finalise scheme
  8. Brookfield Drive parking Mixed views on whether parking restrictions have brought an improvement but concern about recent complaints from residents of bungalows about parking problems for residents. Clerk had been in touch with Dane Housing about their policy on residents with cars. They have replied indicating that allocations made in relation to properties without any parking allocation. Agreed Clerk should ask Highways to reconsider parking restrictions just at school times; School should be asked to remind parents about need to observe restrictions

JA & Clerk
























5. Skateboarding meeting

Meeting arranged by Tony Potts of CBC and Police on 08-07-03 to discuss skateboarding problems and anti-social behaviour issues. Wide range of parties invited but concern as to whether Comprehensive School would co-operate. Various members agreed to attend


6. Banks Kinderton

  1. RCP PJG and Clerk reported on recent meetings
  2. RCP now Chairman of CAD
  3. Local farmers had obtained environmental report which was helpful but limited in value at this stage
  4. CAD had decided that it should obtain report from Dr Wendy Le-Las
  5. Next meeting 10-07-03
  6. Clerk reported on discussion with Glyn Chambers of CBC; issue to be discussed at Area Forum on 07-07-03 when CCC officer would be present

7. Matters deferred at Traffic & Planning

  1. Street Cleansing YDM reported on further discussion with Alan Longshaw; not much progress because of CBC reorganisation; action promised in next few weeks
  2. Re-cycling Clerk to make enquiries of CBC about long term re-cycling facilities and prototype to enable further discussion
  3. Street lighting Resolved Council proceed with order notwithstanding light would remain under Parish control
  4. Speed cameras Agreed preference for marked cameras should be referred to Highways and Police
  5. Safer routes to schools Refer back to T&P









8. Performance review

Work required on accounts and "quality" status; other work up to date



9. Amenities & Planning

Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda



10. Traffic & Planning

Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda


11. Finance

  1. Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda
  2. Accounts for payment as per Finance minutes +

Jenny D Catering Civic Service - 240-00




12. Borough Council matters

  1. TJH confirmed Joint Highways Committee reinstated; one cycle of meetings missed; need to improve way business transacted
  2. Fire at Alsager depot had destroyed supply of wheelie bins, litter bins and 2 vehicles

13. County Council matters

KO reported on following:

  1. Agreed with TJH view of need to improve way Joint Highways Committee handled business
  2. Concern over withdrawal of finance for school bus from Cranage to HC schools; situation being reviewed but decision based on national criteria
  3. Meeting with farmers at Sproston to discuss Kinderton application

14. Routes to railway compound at Goostrey

  1. Chairman reported on immediate complaints following erection of signs
  2. Complaints raised 2 issues; first position and height of signs which was receiving attention
  3. Second complaint about all traffic being routed through mini-roundabouts in HC referred to Highways
  4. Agreed HC may have to accept some traffic but not all; there should be consultation and Clerk to refer to appropriate officers of CCC and CBC










15. Planning applications


35950/3 Land off Chestnut Drive New dwelling - Concern that proposed dwelling too high and out of keeping with Bridge Farm House which is understood to be a listed building

35961/3 53 Rees Crescent Extension - No objection

35975/3 Aventis security fencing No objection provided that proposed fencing is behind existing banking and screening and therefore obscured from view outside site

36023/3 12 Brookfield Drive Conservatory No objection

36027/3 15 Sadlers Closes - Conservatory No objection

36028/3 19 Grasmere Drive - Conservatory No objection















16. Postal collections

YDM reported complaint about withdrawal of some collections and also "request" notices on some post boxes. Members sympathetic but thought these were matters introduced nationally


17. School Governors

  1. Hermitage School YDM gave report; agreed Clerk should write and congratulate school on recent awards
  2. HC Primary School IMM gave report
  3. Comprehensive School RCP reported school had obtained Specialist Science College Status; agreed Clerk should write and congratulate school







Twinning Association

Chairman reported AGM held, new committee appointed, Julia Cowgill new Chairman, steps being taken to resolve financial position, trip to France 25-10-03. Members discussed various ways funds could be boosted


19. General correspondence

Clerk reported on following:

  1. Assoc. of Parish Councils Newsletters etc. put into circulation. Any motions for County AGM to be submitted by 04-08-03 Clerk to refer to committees
  2. Courses Information available for any member interested
  3. M6 Motorway Information available from Forum
  4. Local Government Review Information received about referendum
  5. Area Committees Dates of meetings for next year passed to Chairman
  6. Drink driving Notice of summer campaign











20. Members items

  1. Clerk to report following matters for attention:

  • Litter in passage from precinct
  • Signs in Precinct car park, around Station and Cotton Farm
  • Burger bar at Station

2. T&P to consider request for cycle barrier on corner of footpath between Capesthorne Close and Bramhall Drive







Close 9.25 p.m.


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