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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 04 October 2001 at 8.00 p.m.

1. Attendance

Mr TJ Howkins (Chairman)
Mrs J Booth (Vice-Chairman)
Mrs ME Coombs
Mrs DE Currie
Mrs IM Mackenzie
Mrs SJ Maddock
Mrs YD Moore
Mr RC Parry
Mr AC Rickards
Mr J Rigby

County Councillor K Oliver

Mr PJ Gregory
Mr DR Peake

2. Minutes

Council –16-08-01 - approved
Amenities & Planning – 30-08-01 - received
Traffic & Planning – 13-09-01 - received
Finance – 04-10-01 - received

3. Matters arising
1. McCarthy & Stone
– Letter confirming car park to be maintained and site office to be within boundaries of site
2. First responder – Meeting on 11-09-01 attended by 30 and 18 had volunteered for training. Further meetings to be held
3. Recreation areas – Little progress – clerk to ask CBC for progress report for A&P on 11-10-01
4. Leisure Centre – Letter from CBC noting concerns about standards and confirming action taken. Agreed further letter be written asking for good standard for Twinning Dinner on 27-10-01
5. Car parking – village centre – Letter from Police confirming action taken. Noted this had been Wednesday afternoon when action required between 9.00a.m. and lunch time – Clerk to reply accordingly
6. Village centre improvements – Concern about materials used in experimental area in Church View. Clerk to ask Harry Hopkinson of CBC to attend next T&P on 01-11-01
7. Pedestrian crossings – JR reported that criterion had changed which may benefit HC
8. Accidents A50 – being investigated.

5. Performance Review
Because of Clerk’s holiday some action from last T&P outstanding – Clerk to complete within next week. Also meeting to take place between Clerk and ACR to discuss accounts and standing orders – date now arranged. All other tasks completed
Items for inclusion in agendas of next committee meetings agreed.

6. Amenities and Planning
Council discussed items for inclusion in next agenda.

7. Traffic & Planning
1. Next meeting - Council discussed items for inclusion in next agenda.
2. Byley – Meeting to be held at Cranage on 10-10-01 – Council to be represented by Chairman and RCP who would act in accordance with earlier Finance Committee decision. Meeting would also consider offer by RAP to represent Councils at presentations to be made to CCC on 16-10-01. Coach available to travel to final meeting at Chester on 23-10-01
3. Rhodia Chi-Rex – No response so far. Clerk to enquire.

8. Finance
1. Next meeting - Council discussed items for inclusion in next agenda
2. Accounts for payment
DR Cowgill – Salary – £393.60
DR Cowgill – Garden prizes – £60.00
J Booth - Garden trophies – £45.23
Intec Publishing – Cost of hall for book launch - £64.00

9. CBC
1. At Home meeting – JB reported on recent meeting – particularly changes to be made in CAB arrangements and Village Appraisals meeting to be held on 17-10-01 (Chairman to arrange attendance)
2. Borough Planning Committee – Letter from CBC Leader explaining position, our comments to be borne in mind in May
3. Reports:
 details given of new cabinet structure
 consultation to take place on area committees
 green waste experiment successful and may be extended
 budget process beginning.

10. CCC
KO reported on following:
 CCC also considering green waste policy
 changes to proposed cabinet structure
 library presentation to children who had taken part in summer reading project.

11. Sandbach Almshouses Charity
Clerk reported DRP had attended meeting to allocate empty properties.

12. Twinning Association
French visit last weekend in October when Annual Dinner would take place. Members of Council invited to attend.

13. Police
JR reported on following:
 HC Police Station to be used as Scene of Crime Unit
 Last Police Forum

14. Planning applications
Resolved no objection to the following:
33093/3 – Station Approach - Amended plan
33554/3 – 93 Portree Drive – Amended plan provided that there is no problem in building so close to the boundary.
33643/3 – 1 Ash Close - Extension
33660/3 – 1 Hawthorne Close – Conservatory
33662/3 – Saltersford Hall Farm – Revision to boundaries
33687/3 – 79 Portree Drive - Conservatory
33688/3 – 113 London Road – Extension
33689/3 – 82 Portree Drive – Conservatory
33694/3 – 73 Macclesfield Road – Conservatory
Also ask for amended plans to include details of original plan.

15. Best Kept Village Competition
JB reported HC sixth out of six in its class so a disappointing result this year compared with recent years. Frodsham won the class and also award for most improved village.
Detailed markings and judges comments awaited and these must be considered by A&P when available.

16. Best Kept Garden
JB reported on arrangements for presentations on 06-10-01:
Champion – Arthur Ward – 93 Ravenscroft
Senior Garden - Mary Eldon – 34 Brookfield Drive
Runners up – Keith and Barbara Carter – 13 Sandiford Rd and Mr A Newland Wood – 17 Mardale Court.
Thanks to JB for making arrangements when Clerk away.

17. Anonymous communications and comments to the Council
Resolved that the following guidelines be agreed for members and Clerk:
 Anyone contributing to web sites should only do so in personal name rather than on behalf of the Council and generally such participation to be discouraged
 This should not apply to Council’s own web site and ACR’s position as Publicity Officer
 Clerk to reply to any anonymous e-mails asking for name and address before any formal reply made
 Generally responses to be made by Clerk on behalf of Council.

18. General correspondence
1. Assoc. PC’s AGM – Further notice received but nobody able to attend
2. Licencing – Notice of transfer for 31 London Rd
3. Parish Transport Grants Workshop – ACR to consider
4. NHS consultation document – Clerk to circulate

19. Members’ items
1. Clerk to action following complaints / comments:
 litter / rubbish in village centre
 lighting faults outside library and Sandringham Ct
 overgrown hedges Macclesfield Rd
 wax on steps of offices from skateboarders
2. Library – IMM reported on last meeting and disappointing progress. Concern about professional fees to be taken up by KO
3. Rememberance Service – Chairman asked members to attend service on 11-11-01.

Close 9.35 p.m.

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