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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 4th November 2004 at 7.30 p.m.



Thursday 4 November 2004 at 7.30 p.m.

Holmes Chapel Primary School





1. Attendance

Mr DR Peake      (Chairman)              P   

Mr A Watkins      (Vice-Chairman)    A

Mr JB Adams             A

Mr WA Ashworth      A

 Mrs IM Mackenzie    P

Mrs YD Moore           P

Mr RC Parry         P

Mr AC Rickards    P

Mr DE Savage       P

Mr MJ Street          P

Mr SW Waltho      P     



County Councillor K Oliver N

Borough Councillors J Brown P, J Cox A,  TJ Howkins P

P = present, A = apology, N = non-attendance





2. Declarations of interests

IMM & Clerk declared non-prejudicial interest in planning application for Station Yard





3. Minutes






4. Matters arising and general correspondence

1.      Quality status – Chalky White of Assoc. of Local Councils will attend meeting on 16-12-04

2.      Training

·        Report of meeting held on 26-10-04 at CBC – IMM notes circulated; official notes awaited from CBC

·        Cheshire Training Partnership programme for 2005 – Clerk to circulate dates

3.      Byley Gas Plant – Hearing 06-12-04

4.      M6 Forum – DES gave brief report; initial meeting held and objection submitted; next meeting to elect officers

5.      North West Air ambulance Service – Request for donation for replacement helicopter – refer to Finance

6.      Mike Ellison –Taylor – letter from former member following his move to Suffolk

7.      New Ethical Framework Regulations – increase extent of investigations – Clerk to circulate

8.      Assoc. of Local Councils

·        Next Congleton Area Meeting 09-12-04

·        Minutes of AGM received – include resolution to change name – Clerk to circulate

·        October newsletter received – copies available

9.      Somerford Motors – Planning appeal at Westfields 24-11-04 at 10.00 a.m. – Clerk to enquire of CBC and Brereton Parish Council if any assistance required

10. George & Dragon  -  Notice of transfer of licence

11. Funding of Community Safety Officers by Local Councils – Refer to Finance

12. CBC Open Space Study – We should be hearing from consultants (PMP) – refer to A&P

13. Local Plan Review – Modifications on deposit and comments have to be made by 10-12-04.  Modification excludes HC site but nothing to replace it

14. CBC “At Home” – Minutes of meeting held on 07-09-04 now received – Clerk to circulate

15. CAB Annual Meeting (Congleton) – AGM held on 26-10-04.  Apologies for short notice which had arrived in any event whilst Clerk was away

16. CCC new Transport Plan – Short questionnaire to be completed by 26-11-04

17. Cheshire Partnership – Funding arrangements – current applications have to be submitted by 31-12-04 – Clerk to consider in relation to Cranage Playing Fields

18. County Playing Fields Assoc. – Newsletter received – Clerk to circulate

19. Vacancy

·        Two letters of interest received; no notice received by CBC requiring a poll – so Council now has to co-opt

·        Clerk to publicise vacancy and invite submissions for consideration at next meeting

·        Members indicated that a further resignation may be imminent – Resolved Clerk advertise such vacancy as soon as practicable with a view to dealing with both vacancies together if necessary

20. Aventis – Application for removal of trees alongside railway line (for safety reasons) – agreed no objection

21. Cranage Playing Fields

·        CBC now using “Cranage Playing Fields” as official name

·        Next meeting to be held on 09-11-04

22. Joint Highways Committee – no attendance at meeting held on 18-10-04 but no HC matters on agenda

23. County Structure Plan – Examination in public starts on 18-01-05

24. Garden competition

·        Presentation arrangements to be made for A&P on 11-11-04

·        Comments about judging to be considered at a future meeting

25. McCarthy & Stone – Notices now removed

26. Christmas lights – new regulations to be considered by A&P

27. Leisure Centre JMC – Members considered status of committee following discussion at last meeting arising from change of structure of CBC.  Agreed:

·        Agreement needed to be reconsidered and reviewed

·        TJH had asked Tony Parr of CBC to produce copy of latest agreement fro Alsager – Clerk to ask for this as soon as possible

·        Portfolio holder David Brown to be invited to a Council meeting

28. Comprehensive School car park – Update required from Planning

29. Venue for Council meetings – Council noted various complaints raised by Clerk about condition of school for last A&P on 30-09-04.  IMM reported situation being considered by Governors.  Agreed Council continue to monitor situation; not to consider a move before end of current calendar in April 2005





























































































5. Performance review

Outstanding correspondence and business following Clerk’s holiday






6. Press officer

Resolved duties be undertaken by Clerk





7. Amenities & Planning

Items agreed for inclusion in agenda of next meeting – in particular Budgets





8. Traffic & Planning

Items agreed for inclusion in agenda of next meeting - in particular Budgets





9. Finance

1.      Next meeting - Items agreed for inclusion in agenda - in particular Budgets

2.      Accounts for payment:

DR Cowgill – Salary Oct                                    £ 450-00

Flowercraft – Bulbs                                                 70-50

Royal British Legion – Donation for wreath           16-50

DR Cowgill – Garden vouchers                             100-00











10. CBC matters

TJH reported on the following:

1.      Leisure Centre JMC – Need for Council to consider Alsager agreement – CBC asked to supply a copy

2.      Local Plan – Need to make further comments

3.      Library – One stop shop – Consultation process ongoing – need to consider library opening hours – Clerk to raise in connection with general discussions

JB reported on the following:

1.      Health scrutiny – Need for more consultation on closure of facilities (e.g. mother and baby unit) at Leighton Hospital where CCC and Primary Care Trust have formed a joint committee

2.      Economic Planning – Report on tourism











11. CAD - Kinderton

Nothing to report during holiday period





12. Planning applications


04/0052/COU – 1/3 Macclesfield Rd. – Change of use and extension – Object: Property in dangerous position because of narrow width of road and pavement; therefore concern about rear extension without rear access and / or availability of parking; and concern about wide variety of proposed uses which could generate highway safety problems

04/0088/FUL – 6 Birch Close – Garage – No objection

04/0151/FUL – 69 West Way – Extension – No objection

04/0186/FUL – Cotton Hall – 5 garages with study units – Object: proposed development too intense because of close proximity of listed  building and open countryside; would create user problems and traffic issues on A54

04/0194/FUL – 59 Elm Drive – Conservatory – No objection

04/0195/FUL – 37 Middlewich Road – Loft conversion – No objection

04/0199/FUL – 58 Chester Road – Conservatory - Object: description of application misleading; proposed conservatory really on front of property; inappropriate position; would harm street scene and appearance of well established block of 4 houses

04/0204/FUL – Unit 10 Station Yard Trading Estate – Extension – No objection




























13. School governors

Following changes in constitution of governing bodies there is no longer an appointment of minor authority governors.  Nevertheless, Council had been requested to nominate a member to fill one of the posts of Community Governor.

Resolved IMM be nominated









14. Police

Details of recent incidents reported by Police circulated by Clerk – drug offences noted with considerable concern







15. Forthcoming events

1.      Remembrance Service – 14-11-04

2.      Christmas – Chairman’s letter to be prepared






16. Members’ items

1.      Knutsford Road pavement – Width and leaves problems to be referred to T&P

2.      HC Methodist Church – Provision of path from George & Dragon car park to be referred to T&P

3.      Rural Rider Bus Service – ACR reported on change of operator and revision of timetable

4.      Holmes Chapel Singers – Invitation to concert passed to Chairman

5.      Bus shelter London / Station Road corner – Remind Highways of request for removal

6.      Youth Club Jubilee – Refer to next Finance
















Close 9.00 p.m.



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