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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 05 July 2001 at 7.30 p.m.

1. Attendance

Mrs J Booth (Vice-Chairman)(JB took the chair)
Mrs ME Coombs
Mrs DE Currie
Mr PJ Gregory
Mrs IM Mackenzie
Mrs YD Moore
Mr DR Peake
Mr AC Rickards
Mr J Rigby

Mr TJ Howkins (Chairman)
Mrs SJ Maddock
Mr RC Parry

2. Mrs AC Nichols
The Chairman made a presentation to Ann Nichols following her retirement after working for the Council since 1974 as secretary / typist

3. Minutes

Council – 16-05-01 – approved
A&P - 31-05-01 – received
T&P - 20-06-01 – received
Finance - 28-06-01 - received

4. Performance review
Council considered action taken since last cycle of meetings

5. Amenities & Planning
Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda to include discussion with officers from CBC Amenities Dept.

6. Traffic & Planning
1. Next meeting – Items agreed for inclusion in agenda
2. Byley
 Noted further meetings to be arranged locally and agreed that opportunities should be used to raise financial issues
 Chairman reported on local exhibition for Town and Parish Councils
 Agreed Council should raise possibility of using remote areas

7. Finance
1. Next meeting
– Items agreed for inclusion agenda
2. Accounts for payment

8. Borough Council matters
1. Area Committee 3
– Next meeting to be held on 09-07-01. Concern expressed about success of this committee compared with other areas because of geographical mix
2. Borough Planning Committee
– Noted that issue of voting rights of members had been discussed at recent “At Home” and general concern about situation. Further noted that HC no longer represented on committee and resolved concern be expressed to Chairman of Planning and Leader of Council. Clerk to discuss with TJH possibility of asking for support of Councillors from neighbouring wards – W Owen (Dane) and S Holland (Brereton)

9. County Council matters

1. Newly elected County Councillor Ken Oliver be invited to attend future full Council meetings
2. Council record its thanks to RCP for his work as local County Councillor

10. School governors
– report from PJG. Letter re financing of building project be referred to Finance Committee
Holmes Chapel – report from IM

11. Sandbach Almshouses Charity
Report from DRP on recent meeting of trustees

12. Twinning Association
Report from Clerk on forthcoming events

13. Police
Report from JR on Police Forum and system for summonses and fixed penalties

14. Planning applications
29 Danefield Road
– no objection
12 Southlands – no objection (IMM and ACR declared an interest in this application)
Land on Station Road - object

15. Holmes Chapel Web site
1. Defibrillator
– Council considered recent comments on web site and comments made at question time before the meeting. Agreed consult Health Centre, Ambulance Service and others to enable further consideration
2. Opinions on Parish Council – Recent comments on web site had criticised Council inactivity particularly on highway / road safety issues. Agreed these issues should be referred to T&P; Council should encourage dialogue but should ensure that all contributors are aware of functions of all local authorities and limitations on their powers

16. Civic service
Clerk reported on arrangements

Close 9.40 p.m.

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