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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 5th August 2004 at 7.30 p.m.



Thursday 5 August 2004 at 7.30 p.m.

Holmes Chapel Primary School





1. Attendance

Mr DR Peake      (Chairman)           P

Mr A Watkins      (Vice-Chairman) P

Mr JB Adams             P

Mr WA Ashworth      P

Mr WJ Forshaw         P

 Mrs IM Mackenzie   P

Mrs YD Moore          P

Mr RC Parry         P

Mr AC Rickards   P

Mr DE Savage      A

Mr MJ Street         P

Mr SW Waltho     P 

County Councillor K Oliver P

Borough Councillors J Brown P J Cox  P  TJ Howkins  P

P = present, A = apology, N = non-attendance





2. Declarations of interests

Members declared non-pecuniary interests in following applications:

4 Birch Close – YDM

Comprehensive School – IMM & RCP





3.  New members

Chairman welcomed JBA & WJF to first full Council meeting since co-option and also JC following her election to CBC





4. Minutes


Council – 24 June 2004 - approved

Amenities & Planning – 8 July 2004 - received

Traffic & Planning – 22 July 2004 - received

Finance – 29 July 2004 - received





5. Matters arising

1.      Hermitage School – Proposed and seconded that recommendation of donation of £500 be referred back for further consideration but not carried.  Request for Finance Committee to consider policy on donations to outside bodies

2.      Local Government Review – Referendum postponed

3.      Garden Competition – Judges making progress and should be ready for presentation early September

4.      Cranage Playing fields – Naming issue still to be resolved

5.      Complaints / One Stop Shop – Clerk produced information on new facility at library and how complaints could be dealt with speedily

6.      M6 Forum – Local meeting to be held on 28-09-04 -  representation to be decided at next T&P







Judges & Clerk











6.  Performance review

Clerk reported on two issues requiring attention:

  • Training for new members
  • Progress on Forward Plan





7.  Police

1. Community Action Safety Group – Two meetings taken place; YDM is Chairman but not as Council rep; visual audit carried out and results being analysed

2.  Other issues – Chairman and Clerk reported on recent incidents reported by Police

3.   Alcohol free zones – Chairman suggested consideration be given to such an area in village centre;  General agreement but careful planning required;  needs to go on future agenda when interested parties asked to attend;  needs to consider other public areas e.g. playing fields














8.  Amenities & Planning

1.      Sutton Oaks seat – Before formal opening of meeting discussion with residents representing both views; majority of residents and Councillors in favour of keeping seat;  agreed monitor for 6 months; existing seat needs to be refurbished and work required on adjoining garden areas and repair of street lights; any decision needs to be made with CBC with advice from Police – meeting possible next week 10-08-04 AW and RCP to attend, Clerk to make arrangements

2.      Next meeting – Council agreed items to be included in agenda














9.  Traffic & Planning

1.      CAD – Kinderton – RCP & Clerk reported on recent meetings; particular concern about vague information from CCC about timetable and County Councillors to ask for clearer information;  KO agreed to do this and to report back

2.      Next meeting – Council agreed items to be included in agenda











10.  Finance

1.      Committee recommendations – Council confirmed these; in particular accounts forms signed for auditor

2.      Accounts for payment – as per Finance minutes

3.      Next meeting – Council agreed items to be included in agenda









11.  Borough Council matter

1.      Meeting of Clerks – Clerk reported on last meeting with Glyn Chambers – items discussed included Training which is being arranged in 6 monthly sessions

2.      Internal Training – Clerk to arrange first session after next A&P

3.      Reports – Borough Councillors reported on a number of issues including:

·        Request from CBC to CCC to increase housing numbers – Clerk to make further enquiries

·        Local Plan still being considered by GONW

·        CCTV being extended

·        Problems with new blue bins

·        Committee appointments

·        Economic Development and employment strategy













12.  County Council matters

KO reported on following:

·        M6 discussions

·        Structure Plan timetable

·        Road safety discussions for schools





13.  Planning applications

1.      Resolved:

37633/3 – 5 Alum Court – Extension – No objection

37637/3 – Comprehensive School – Extension of CDT classroom and new facility base – No objection but care should be taken to ensure compliance with any planning conditions in view of school’s poor recent record

37638/3 – 54 Chester Rd – Extension – No objection

37654/3 – 15 Crofters Court – Porch extension – No objection

37677/3 – 52 Macclesfield Rd – Demolition of outbuildings extension and conservatory – No objection

37693/3 – 4 Birch Close – Extension – Concern about effect on adjoining property because of shape of plot and relative position of properties

2.      Comprehensive school – Clerk reported on discussion with Geoff Allen of CBC about landscaping.  Revised proposals awaited from school architects.  Further consultation required
















IMM ACR & Clerk




14.  School Governors

IMM reported that long serving teacher at HC Primary School, Mrs Hardie, had retired





15. Twinning Association

Clerk reported on recent successful BBQ.  Next event would be Bridge Drive





16.  Aventis

Clerk reported reps of Aventis would attend next Council on 16-09-04 to present their future proposals






17.  Holidays

Clerk had booked 3 weeks holiday from 11-11-04 which would impact on meeting dates.  Chairman and Clerk to consider dates and report back







18.  General correspondence

Information received from Assoc of Parish Councils re various forthcoming meetings and dates – Clerk to circulate






19.  Members’ items

1.      Church walk refuse skips – Complaint about quality of refuse skip emptying to be referred to CBC

2.      Bus services – ACR commented on reported route changes which would be discussed and clarified at transport Liason Committee; also continued use of bus stop and buses using Sandiford Road needed to be resolved.  ACR to report back

3.      Resurfacing of estate roads – Bramhall Drive area – YDM reported on continuing complaints about quality of work.  She was preparing plan to pass on to Highways










YDM& Clerk




20.  Private & confidential business

Resolved Council discuss the next business in private because of its confidential nature.  Discussion took place on electoral issues






Close 9.10 p.m.




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