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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 08 November 2001 at 7.30 p.m.

1. Attendance
Mr TJ Howkins (Chairman)
Mrs J Booth (Vice-Chairman)
Mrs ME Coombs
Mrs DE Currie
Mr PJ Gregory
Mrs IM Mackenzie
Mrs YD Moore
Mr DR Peake
Mr AC Rickards
Mr J Rigby

Mrs SJ Maddock
County Councillor K Oliver

2. Minutes
Council – 04-10-01 - approved
Amenities & Planning – 11-10-01 - received
Traffic & Planning – 25-10-01 - received
Finance – 01-11-01 - received

3. Matters arising
Clerk reported on issues arising from last cycle of meetings – see attached schedule [See below]

4. Performance review
Council considered action taken since last cycle of meetings. Clerk to complete preparation of draft standing orders

5. Amenities & Planning
Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda in particular budgets

6. Traffic & Planning
1. Next meeting - Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda in particular budgets
2. Library – Concern that new meeting date not fixed. Chairman had pursued this matter and would continue to press for a meeting.

7. Finance
1. Next meeting - Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda in particular budgets
2. Accounts for payment:
DR Cowgill – Salary Oct £393.60
Rotary Holmes Chapel – Christmas lights £500.00
Cranage PC – Byley gas plant planning costs £1000.00
DR Cowgill – Expenses £30.00

8.Borough Council matters
1. Area Committee 3:
 Next meeting 04-12-01
 Resolved Clerk reply to questionnaire expressing concern re constitution of areas comprised in this committee and lack of effectiveness because of voting powers
2. Reports – Borough Councillors reported on the following:
 Work on yellow lines on Brookfield Drive still outstanding
 Resurfacing work carried out on Middlewich Road
 New committee / cabinet structure in operation from 01-11-01
 50 mph speed limit from Saltersford to Twemlow now approved
 Concern about CCC’s reasons for refusing Byley gas plant application – may be indefensible on appeal. Resolved: Clerk inform Cranage PC of our financial position on an appeal, ask for the views of Dr. Le-Las and arrange further discussion at next T&P.
 Dane housing providing new windows for bungalows on Chester Rd, Hermitage Drive and Sadlers Close

9. Planning applications

33787/3 – 75 Middlewich Rd – no objection
33793/3 – HC Comprehensive School – drama block – no objection but need to have regard for effect on neighbouring properties (DEC IMM RCP declared interest in this application)
33798/1 – Station Rd – residential development – object.

10. School Governors
Hermitage Primary – Report from PJG
Holmes Chapel Primary – Report from IMM.

11. Sandbach Almshouses Charity
Report on recent meetings from DRP.

12. Police
1. Concern expressed about the following incidents:
 Vandalism on Elm Drive particular paint spray on cars
 Damage at Scout Hut
 Theft of poppy boxes and use for collecting in Goostrey
Clerk to ask for special attention to these matters and to request Police attendance at a forthcoming meeting.
2. IMM reported on recent community safety meeting which she had attended to represent Council – concern at poor attendance.

13. Twinning Association
Clerk reported :
 Recent coach trip from Bessancourt cancelled because of some cancellations making coach uneconomic
 Small groups had travelled by car and there had been a small party although main event had been cancelled
 Concern expressed about future of the Association because of lack of support for events on both sides
 New Council elected in Bessancourt interested in group events – e.g. visit by choir.
Agreed Council should support continued existence of Association – if necessary on a changed basis – Clerk to monitor and report back.

14. Annual Remembrance Service
Chairman & Clerk reminded members of times for Sunday 11-11-01

15. Tidying the village and planting
DEC reminded members of work to be carried out in village centre on Sunday 18 –11-01

16. Meeting dates
Council approved list of dates prepared by Clerk for period January – April 2002

17. General correspondence
1. Millennium Garden –Draft agreement received from CCC – Resolved Clerk authorised to agree terms and document to be executed by Chairman and Vice Chairman on behalf of Council
2. Youth Club – Notice of AGM – Tuesday 20-11-01
3. CBC Survey on Community Survey – Resolved IMM complete on Council’s behalf.

18. Members items
1. Clerk to deal with following complaints / comments
 Damage to grass verges opposite 41 Middlewich Rd
 Need for handrail on steps leading to Precinct
 Hedges on Balmoral Drive and Chester Rd / Middlewich Rd junction
2. Clerk to enquire about future of school crossing if pedestrian crossing provided on Middlewich Rd

Close 8.45 p.m.

Council Meeting – 8 November 2001

Matters arising

1. First responder – Request for information – training in progress
2. Leisure centre – CBC unable to organise JMC until after Christmas – Twinning Dinner cancelled
3. Accidents A50 – Work started on bad corner – Clerk agreed with Brereton PC to reconsider when work completed
4. Police station – All members had received letter about future use of police station for serious incident unit
5. Best Kept Village Competition – Clerk had written to everyone mentioned specifically in judges comments – in particular to Railtrack about condition of station
6. Cranage playing pitches – Progress on informal area but CBC not making formal arrangements until access provided – Bob Hardiker to be invited to next A&P
7. Playing field Middlewich Rd – Work started but CBC had to close field temporarily because of ground conditions
8. Local Plan Review – Comments updated and a copy posted at Information Centre
9. Parking in village centre – Letter from Police indicating that their observations suggested that waiting restrictions ought to be considered – to be referred to District Engineer and next T&P
10. Meeting with District Engineer – JR and Clerk had met Roy Spicer to discuss a range of issues in particular to consider:
 a wider refuge opposite Barclays Bank to give better protection to prams and wheelchairs
 proliferation of unauthorised signs in village centre
 road markings on Knutsford Rd
 phasing of traffic signals Chester Rd / Station Rd / London Rd
 lighting at M6 junction
 parking and other issues on Parkway when McCarthy & Stone development complete
11. Manchester Airport – Considering roadshows for 2002 and will consider HC
12. Church View / Red Lion – Scaffolding erected so road kept open
14. Highways Department- IMM commented on good standard of recent work undertaken and good response to complaints.

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