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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 9th January 2003 at 7.30 p.m.




1. Attendance

Mrs J Booth (Chairman) P

Mr AC Rickards (Vice-Chairman) P

Mrs ME Coombs P

Mrs DE Currie P

Mr PJ Gregory P

Mr TJ Howkins A

Mrs IM Mackenzie P

Mrs SJ Maddock P

Mrs YD Moore P

Mr RC Parry P

Mr DR Peake P

Mr J Rigby P

County Councillor K Oliver A

P = present, A = apology, N = non-attendance


2. Declarations of interests

RCP indicated that he would not take part in discussion about planning applications because of his membership of CBC Planning Committee


3. Minutes


Council – 07-11-02 - approved

Amenities & Planning – 21-11-02 - received

Traffic & Planning – 05-12-02 - received

Finance – 12-12-02 – received – in particular budget of £116,000 and Precept requirement of £16,000 approved







4. Matters arising

  1. Skateboarding – Some progress made - CBC, with assistance from the police, have arranged a site near the entrance to the wallpaper works. Members concerned about progress on consultation process – Clerk to make urgent contact with Sue Tarplee for an update; also to report alleged incident re smashed windows
  2. Cranage playing pitches – Meeting arranged at Westfields for 14-01-03 at 2.00 p.m. SJM and PJG to attend as Council’s reps.
  3. Dane valley – PVS to attend next A&P meeting on 16-01-03
  4. Golden Jubilee trees –Schools progressing their schemes. Governor reps. and Clerk keeping in contact
  5. Proposed tipping at Kinderton – CCC, CBC and VRBC asked if they had had any discussion with Banks. Replies so far from VRBC and CBC – giving brief details of informal discussions; no particular views on proposals; planning application expected shortly and would be determined by CBC. Glyn Chambers has agreed to come to a meeting on 16-01-03. Clerk to arrange for all members to attend at 7.00 p.m. Clerk to enquire about any proposed alterations to designated use of site.
  6. Mini-bus Association – Loan has been made. Clerk waiting for more information about their proposals for a Rural Transport Grant
  7. Byley –IMM gave verbal report; Inquiry closed 19-12-02; Inspector praised action taken by CAP, RAP and their representatives. Total costs in region of £45,000 and Cranage Parish Council to circulate information
  8. Twinning Association – Loan has been made
  9. Telephone kiosk – Village Centre – It has re-appeared but no telephone instrument. Clerk to make further enquiries
  10. Village Volunteers – There had been concern about an apparent breakdown in communications with CBC. This had been resolved and both had done some good work recently. Clerk to notify them of attendance of PVS at next A&P
  11. Christmas lights – Clerk to thank Traders and Village Volunteers for their work. Bill received from Morreys for £144.92 to be paid
  12. Hot food takeaway on Precinct – Planning application had been approved but transfer of lease not likely to proceed
  13. Safer Routes to Schools – Some concern about the position of the proposed pedestrian crossing on Chester Road; Clerk had approached the schools to try and set up some co-operation; so far Hermitage had replied to say they are considering road safety at their meeting in February and will contact Council after that meeting; other members keeping in contact with schools in various capacities





































5. Performance review

Council considered action taken since last cycle of meetings. Some outstanding points mainly because of Clerk’s holiday but most items to appear on next cycle of agendas





6. Amenities & Planning

Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda



7. Traffic & Planning

Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda



8. Finance

  1. Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda
  2. Accounts for payment as per Finance minutes 12-12-02



9. Borough Council matters

  1. Glyn Chambers appointed next Managing Director
  2. RCP reported that budget settlement this year favourable to CBC but not to CCC

10. Regional government

Council needs to consider its response to government proposals – Clerk to include in next Finance agenda


11. Planning applications


35291/3 – 8 Lochmaben Close – Extension – No objection

35299/3 – HC Business Park Manor Lane – Office building and car park – No objection provided no interference with existing landscaping and trees

35301/3 – Cheshire Vehicle Supplies – Fencing – Object because proposed fencing out of keeping with site in open countryside and not in line with previous approvals for the site which provided for substantial perimeter landscaping

35319/3 – Nursery Manor Lane – Fencing – Concern that proposed fencing may be out of keeping with neighbouring properties and adjoining residential properties













12. School Governors

HC Primary School – Invitation to attend presentation of Lego awards on 21-01-03 at 6.30 p.m. Clerk to circulate details




13. Sandbach Almshouses Charity

DRP reported on recent meeting of trustees when financial issues had been resolved


14. Twinning Association

Chairman reported Christmas Party had been cancelled due to lack of support; next event was Burns Night on 25-01-03 for which tickets selling well. Agreed Council needed to monitor financial progress


15. Police

  1. JR to attend Forum meetings in January and to report back
  2. Further comment made on good work of Community Warden



16. General correspondence

  1. Walk from Liverpool to London – May 2003 – Letter re commemorative walk for William Astley a gold prospector who emigrated to Australia and passed through HC in 1852. Clerk to supply information about old coaching houses
  2. Leisure Centre – Notice of application for transfer of justices licence. Concern expressed that Council and JMC members not informed of change of Manager. Clerk to express concern to CBC









17. Members items

  1. Complaints – Clerk to report the following:

  • Lights not working on coach parking area at Comprehensive School and path leading to Grasmere Drive
  • Need for remarking of pedestrian crossing in village centre
  • Condition of footpaths from Precinct to Sandiford estate and graffiti
  • Condition of Precinct Car Park (already reported by Clerk on 31-12-02) and graffiti
  • Public Conveniences locked over New Year
  • Lack of progress on dropped kerbs on Parkway

  1. Fire Station – Would be 40 years old in June 2003
  2. Mrs E Birchall – Agreed Clerk to write and congratulate her on 21 years service as Treasurer of OAP
  3. Payment for use of school – IMM and Clerk reported on enquiries about payments to CCC. No invoices had been received for over 12 months so payments were due but payment could not be made until invoices received



















Close 8.40 p.m.


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