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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 10 January 2002 at 8.00 p.m.

1. Attendance

Mr TJ Howkins (Chairman)
Mrs J Booth (Vice-Chairman)
Mrs ME Coombs
Mrs DE Currie
Mrs IM Mackenzie
Mrs SJ Maddock
Mr RC Parry
Mr DR Peake
Mr AC Rickards
Mr J Rigby

Mr PJ Gregory
Mrs YD Moore
County Councillor K Oliver

2. Minutes
13-12-01 approved

3. Matters arising
“Vision” – Clerk had obtained details and would be arranging a meeting

4. Defibrillator for Leisure Centre
Council considered recent press report criticising Council for not progressing acquisition of a defibrillator for HC Leisure Centre.
Arising therefrom Resolved:
1. Clerk write to complainant expressing concern at way in which matter had been raised – a clear request to the Council would have resulted in action
2. Details of Council’s concern be reported to press
3. Clerk liase with CBC regarding the matter which would be their responsibility from a management, staffing and training point of view
4. Council should support a defibrillator for HC Leisure Centre provided that CBC in favour.

5. Planning applications

33959/3 – 33 Coniston Drive – extensions – no objection

6. Golden Jubilee
Chairman and SJM reported on discussion at Twinning Committee about a village event. Agreed Clerk should write to local organisations inviting them to a meeting to discuss an event at the Leisure Centre.

7. Agendas for future meetings
Council considered items for future agendas and Clerk reported on visitors who had agreed to attend.

8. Finance
Council considered discussion at earlier committee meeting.
Resolved minutes be received and recommendations be approved.

9. General correspondence
1. CBC “At Home” – 24-01-02 – Details of meeting received; all Council members welcome to attend. Agreed details be passed to JB
2. Police Forum – Dates of future meetings – JR had noted dates as Council’s rep.

10. Members’ items
1. Agreed Clerk action the following:
 Vandalised lights at Comprehensive School
 Gritting of pavements
 Availability of correspondence particularly when complaints made
 Sign at Fire Station
2. Clerk had placed issue of burial arrangements on an agenda
3. SJM reported that there would be a further session to tidy village centre on Sunday 13-01-02 10.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.

Close 8.35 p.m.

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