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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 13 December 2001 at 8.00 p.m.

1. Attendance
Mrs J Booth (Vice-Chairman)
Mrs SJ Maddock
Mr DR Peake
Mr AC Rickards
Mr J Rigby
County Councillor K Oliver

Mrs ME Coombs
Mrs DE Currie
Mr PJ Gregory
Mrs IM Mackenzie
Mrs YD Moore
Mr RC Parry

2. Minutes

Council –08-11-01 approved
Amenities & Planning – 22-11-01 received
Traffic & Planning – 06-12-01 received
Finance – 13-12-01 received

3. Matters arising
1. First Responder – ACR reported formal launch took place 03-12-01 and system now in operation
2. Police – Inspector Bailey asked to this meeting but unable to attend

3. Village Centre Traffic Problems – Clerk drew attention to minutes of last T&P and request for items to be discussed at Joint Highways Committee – members asked to pursue these matters

4. Performance review
Council considered action taken since last cycle of meetings.

5. Amenities & Planning
Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda.

6. Traffic & Planning
Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda.

7. Finance
1. Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda
2. Resolved committee recommendations including accounts for payment be approved.

8. Borough Council matters
JR reported on recent issues in particular last Area Meeting.

9. County Council matters
KO reported on following:
1. Byley – Hazardous Substance Storage consent had been granted; of no use without planning consent for plant on the ground. Suggests that Scottish Power might submit revised scheme with electric turbines would result in smaller plant on ground
2. “Vision” – Presentation at Brereton earlier in evening – recommended to this Council – Clerk to make arrangements.

10. Sandbach Almshouses Charity
DRP gave report – particularly in relation to filling vacant properties.

11. Twinning Association
Chairman gave a report of last committee meeting when there had been a more positive outlook to future of association. Various events organised for 2002.

12. Police
1. Clerk to repeat invitation for attendance at future meeting and to ask for information about Community Action Team
2. Clerk reported on recent correspondence re action being taken on vandalism problems

13. Planning applications
1. 33903/3 – 2 Sandiford Rd – garage – Resolved no objection provided materials match existing property
2. Residential Development Station Rd. – Clerk and KO reported that this application being considered by CCC Development Regulatory Committee because of local plan implications. View seemed to be that application premature at moment but site would be suitable for residential development in due course – subject to access. KO reported he had already asked Highways to comment on access and would press for a response.

14. Queen’s Golden Jubilee
Council noted and agreed Finance Committee recommendations. Agreed this matter should be referred to next meetings of A&P and T&P.

15. Members items
Concern expressed about delay in switching on lights – SJM to monitor. Council to consider long term situation.

Close 8.45 p.m.

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