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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 14 February 2002 at 8.00 p.m.

1. Attendance

Mrs J Booth (Vice-Chairman)(in the chair)
Mrs DE Currie

Mrs IM Mackenzie
Mrs SJ Maddock
Mrs YD Moore
Mr RC Parry
Mr AC Rickards
Mr J Rigby

County Councillor K Oliver

Apologies Mr TJ Howkins (Chairman)
Mrs ME Coombs
Mr PJ Gregory
Mr DR Peake

2. Declarations of Interest
Clerk reported this item would be incorporated in future agendas to emphasise its importance particularly in view of new code of conduct and to remind members to consider.
SJM declared interest in letter re closure of Macclesfield Rd.

3. Minutes

Council – 10-01-02 - approved
Amenities & Planning – 17-01-02 – received
Traffic & Planning – 31-01-02 - received
Finance – 07-02-02 - received

4. Matters arising
Clerk reported on matters arising from above minutes. See schedule attached to minutes. Clerk to ensure appropriate action taken

5. Golden Jubilee
1. Event – Meeting with local organisations before formal opening of this meeting; events being arranged in village; support for village family day at Leisure Centre on 01-06-02.
Chairman and Clerk to prepare further letter for distribution and to discuss with TJH
2. Schools – IMM reported on discussions between schools – she would report back further
3. Memorial for village centre – Suggestions of a tree at Sutton Oaks and seats to be discussed further

6. Code of Conduct / Standing Orders
Clerk drew attention to consideration of these matters at last Finance, meetings to be attended, necessary timetable and need for members to complete new declarations and registers. Further information to be circulated.
RCP reported to Margaret Ingram, CBC Legal Officer, appointed Monitoring Officer

7. Performasnce Review
Council considered action taken since last cycle of meetings.

8. Amenities & Planning
1. Best Kept Village Competition – Clerk reported entry forms now arrived and on discussion with John Clowes. Agreed SJM discuss at next meeting of the group and then report to next A&P which should make decision re entry
2. Next meeting - Council discussed items for inclusion in next agenda.

9. Traffic & Planning
Council discussed items for inclusion in next agenda.

10. Finance
1. Next meeting - Council discussed items for inclusion in next agenda
2. Accounts for payment – as per Finance minutes 07-02-02

11. Borough Council Matters
1. Area Meeting – JR reported on last meeting expressing concern at poor attendance (in contrast to other areas in the Borough). Various views and disappointment expressed about problems of Area Committee 3
2. Reports – RCP and JR reported on following:
 new political process and elections
 budget – to be fixed 28-02-02
 enforcement action re sign at Red Lion
 car parking charges not to be introduced by CBC
 review of public conveniences

12. County Council Matters
KO reported on following:
 budget – 4.9% increase
 Byley Gas Plant – revised application to include electric turbines which should result in smaller buildings but plans considered misleading
 forthcoming exhibition at Byley Village Hall re plan
 concern at need to progress Waste Plan

13. Planning Applications
34062/9 – Lynton House Manor Lane – signs – Need to ensure signs are in keeping with surrounding area because site in a semi-rural position with dwellings opposite (including a listed building)
34076/3 1 Montrose Court – extension - no objection
34078/3 – 58 West Way – extension – no objection

14. School Governors
IMM reported on completion of Ofsted inspection at HC Primary School and appointment of new Maintenance Officer
Clerk had written to Ken Gibson on his retirement

15. Twinning Association
Clerk reminded members AGM to be held 23-02-02 when there would be important discussion about future of organisation

16. School security
Members considered new security system at school which made entry more difficult. Whilst extra security necessary Council needed to consider logistics of ensuring meetings open to public. All members asked to observe to enable further discussion at next meeting

17. Police
JR had attended last Police Forum and produced report which would be circulated.
Police to attend next A&P – all members to be invited
Members considered items to raise – Clerk to inform Police

18. Annual Parish meeting
To be held on 11-04-02
Various suggestions made for format of meeting
Clerk to discuss with TJH and to prepare agenda accordingly

19. General correspondence
1. Cups – Mrs Dear had found old cups used in old Horticultural Society shows and suggested they be brought into use. Agreed A&P consider in conjunction with Best Kept Village and Garden competitions
2. Macclesfield Road (SLM declared interest) – Letter from District Engineer re road closure for sewer works. Agreed Clerk ask for consideration of the following:
 alternative ways of doing work
 closure to be kept to a minimum if necessary
 adequate notice to be given especially to village centre businesses
3. Station Road – Letter from County Planning Officer objecting to application – site not in Local Plan and access not suitable (RCP reported CBC still awaiting Highways comments)
4. Precinct – Letter from agents – road markings being reinstated and asking for more details of flooding – Clerk to reply

20. Members Items
1. Death of Dr Arthur Picton – Clerk written letter of condolence
2. Precinct – Complaint about ornamental balls causing problems for partially sighted person – Clerk to refer to agents
3. Tree Victoria Avenue – RCP reported tree being lopped and suggestion Parish Council contributing to cost – Clerk to deny any agreement to contribute
RCP requested Council to consider TPO – refer to T&P
4. Car parking – Traders had been concerned about charges
5. Litter bin – corner of Macclesfield Rd / Sandiford Rd – replacement still required – Clerk to report
6. Youth Club – Rhodia agreed donation of £500
7. Street lighting – Clerk to report faults on Brookfield Drive and Macclesfield Rd
8. Cheshire Building Society premises – Clerk making enquiries about colour of stonework used on ramp

Close 9.45 p.m.

Schedule of matters arising

Council 10-01-02
1. Defribrilator – Clerk reported on correspondence with complainant – agreed no further action. CBC now considering training issues at Leisure Centres
2. Sign at Fire Station – Clerk reported on discussions with CBC and Fire Service

A&P 17-01-02
1. Cranage Playing Pitches – Clerk reported on difficulties re transfer of land
2. Burial arrangements – Meeting to be arranged but comments awaited from Planning
3. Middlewich Road Playing Field – Work completed – inspection required
4. Village centre –Further work last weekend – SJM to report to next A&P
5. Best Kept Village Competition – Clerk reported on discussions with John Clowes
6. Christmas lights – Clerk reported on correspondence with Rotary – report to go to A&P
7. Leisure Centre JMC – Meeting arranged for 23-04-02

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