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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 14th May 2003 at 7.30 p.m.


Wednesday 14 May 2003 at 7.30 p.m.

Holmes Chapel Primary School




1. Attendance

Mrs J Booth P

Mrs ME Coombs A

Mrs DE Currie P

Mr PJ Gregory P

Mr TJ Howkins P

Mrs IM Mackenzie P

Mrs SJ Maddock P

Mrs YD Moore P

Mr RC Parry P

Mr DR Peake P

Mr AC Rickards P


County Councillor K Oliver A

Borough Councillor J Brown A

P = present, A = apology, N = non-attendance


2. Opening

JB opened meeting, thanked Council for support during her year of office and invited nominations for Chairman.


3. Election of Chairman

Resolved Mr AC Rickards be elected.

ACR took the chair, signed the declaration of acceptance of office and accepted the badge of office. He thanked JB for her work as Chairman.


4. Other appointments

Resolved the following appointments be made:


Vice – Chairman Mr DR Peake



Amenities & Planning

Mrs J Booth (Chairman)

Mrs DE Currie

Mr PJ Gregory

Mr TJ Howkins

Mrs SJ Maddock

Mrs YD Moore

Mr AC Rickards (ex officio)

Traffic & Planning

Mrs ME Coombs

Mr TJ Howkins

Mrs IM Mackenzie

Mr RC Parry

Mr DR Peake (Chairman)

Mr AC Rickards (ex officio)


Mrs J Booth

Mrs IM Mackenzie

Mrs SJ Maddock

Mr RC Parry

Mr DR Peake

Mr AC Rickards (Chairman)



Leisure Centre JMC – Mr Gregory and Mrs Moore

Deputies Mrs Maddock and Mr Parry


Twinning Association – The Chairman and Mr Parry


Association of Parish Councils Area Meeting – Mrs Booth and Mrs Mackenzie

Larger Councils Forum – Mrs Mackenzie (Deputy Mrs Booth)


Best Kept Garden Judges The Chairman Mrs Coombs and Mrs Moore


Library Liaison Committee – Mrs Mackenzie and Mrs Maddock


CBC Area Committee - The Chairman


Press / Publicity Officers – Mr Rickards and Mrs Currie


Financial Officer (Member) – Mr Rickards


Cranage Playing Pitch Sub-Committee – Mrs Maddock and Mr Gregory


Congleton Police Forum – Mr Parry


To 2004

School Governor – Hermitage Primary – Mrs Moore in place of Mr Gregory*


County Transport Liaison Committee – Mr Rickards


Highway Spokesman – Mr Parry


Banks Committee – Mr Gregory and Mr Parry (Deputy Mrs Maddock)


* PJG asked Council to appoint replacement governor because of difficulty in attending meetings. Thanks expressed to PJG for his work


5. Civic Service

Agreed arrangements should be made for 29-06-03 at St Luke’s Church and reception at HC Primary School




6. Review of Code of Conduct and Registers of Interests

Members reviewed their entries in registers of interests and Council’s own non-financial register


7. Area Representatives

Members reviewed the list of areas. Clerk agreed to replace J Rigby who had resigned


8. James Rigby

  1. Chairman confirmed resignation of JR who expects to leave HC to live in Jersey
  2. Following discussion at meeting on 08-05-03, Clerk confirmed vacancy had been advertised, if 10 electors requested election before 02-06-03 then CBC would call an election
  3. If no election Council should co-opt. Resolved Council should adopt procedure of approaching the next person with highest number of votes not elected at last election
  4. Resolved additional meeting of Council to be held before A&P on 05-06-03 to review position and if necessary to co-opt













9. CBC election

Noted John Brown of Middlewich had been elected to the seat formerly held by RCP. Clerk had already been in touch with him and whilst he had sent apology to this meeting he intended to be present at future meetings


10. Declarations of interests



11. Minutes


Council 27-03-02 approved

Council 10-04-02 approved

Annual Parish Meeting 10-04-02 approved subject to approval at next APM

Council 24-04-03 approved

Council 08-05-03 approved


12. Matters arising

  1. Skateboarding – Following discussion at JMC Clerk trying to arrange meeting of interested parties
  2. Playground seminar – IMM had circulated a report on seminar which she had attended. This should be discussed at JMC. Agreed that the idea of a local joint committee should be actioned right away
  3. Cranage Playing Fields – Road and car park had been completed. Agreed there was need for progress on the following issues – marketing, phase 2, river crossing, future strategy (including changing accommodation)
  4. Inspection meetings – Clerk had completed report. Agreed it should be sent to appropriate CBC officers with emphasis on the need for progress on Dane Valley











13. CBC

TJH reported on the following:

  1. Joint Highways Committee likely to be discontinued
  2. Economic Development Committee has decided employment land below minimum required – so some sites previously excluded might be brought back into the Local Plan
  3. Committee appointments do not have same significance under new system – J Brown likely to be on Planning Committee and J Brown and TJH JMC representatives
  4. Knutsford Road planning appeal continuing and RCP will continue as spokesman











14. School Governors

PJG reported that trees were being arranged for Hermitage School and he would continue to deal with this



15. Police

Members considered report from Police on serious anti-social behaviour problems in the village. Support for action taken by Police


16. Future meetings

Council considered future agenda items



17. Twinning Association

Committee meeting to be held after this meeting to make arrangements for AGM


18. Accounts for payment

Resolved: the following be approved

Inland Revenue – PAYE and NI

Cheshire Assoc. of Parish Councils - sub

Cheshire Assoc. of Parish Councils – conference

Impact - Computer

DR Cowgill – APM expenses and computer

Allianz Cornhill Insurance – annual premium

Hermitage Primary School – Jubilee Mugs

St. Luke’s PCC - Church Yards (s.137)

St. Luke’s Hospice – Donation (s.137)

CAB – Donation (s.137)






















19. Members’ items

  1. Highway matters to be reported:

  • Weeds outside cemetery
  • Parking on Knutsford Road Verge
  • Replacement lampposts on Bramhall Drive

  1. Fire Station – Clerk to enquire if advert sign has been approved
  2. Sponsorship – SJM reported on request for sponsorship and it was agreed individual members may wish to co-operate and an approach should be made to CBC
  3. Dane Valley problems to be reported:

  • Youths in Cotton Wood and Bridge Farm Wood – Police
  • Missing manhole cover - Amenities











Close 9.00 p.m.


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