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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 14th August 2003 at 7.30 p.m.


Thursday 14 August 2003 at 7.30 p.m.

Holmes Chapel Primary School




1. Attendance

Mr AC Rickards (Chairman) P

Mr DR Peake (Vice-Chairman) A

Mr JB Adams P

Mrs J Booth P

Mrs ME Coombs P

Mrs DE Currie P

Mr PJ Gregory A

Mr TJ Howkins P

Mrs IM Mackenzie P

Mrs SJ Maddock P

Mrs YD Moore P

Mr RC Parry A

County Councillor K Oliver A

Borough Councillor J Brown A

P = present, A = apology, N = non-attendance


2. Declarations of interests



3. Minutes


Council 03-07-03 - approved

Amenities & Planning 17-07-03 - received

Traffic & Planning 31-07-03 - received

Finance 07-08-03 - received


4. Matters arising

  1. Skateboarding and anti-social behaviour further meeting to be arranged after holiday period
  2. Street cleansing and site inspections report Steve Jones, new Streetscape Manager, had circulated report particularly to Alan Longshaw, asking him to report back by the end of the month
  3. Postal collections item 16 last meeting "request" was a wrong report post boxes say when "required"
  4. River crossing meeting of officers of CBC, HCPC and Cranage Parish Council held on 12-08-03 CBC to proceed with land transactions in joint names of Cranage Parish Council and HCPC; HCPC to pay initial costs but Cranage contribution to be discussed
  5. Joint committee idea is being considered by CBC
  6. Grass cutting - letter received from Dane Housing specification means cutting likely to be required every two weeks at the moment they seem to be on course now but Clerk to be informed of any more complaints
  7. Library need to ask KO to support HC Library in CCC budget process. Concern expressed as to figures included in County Programme Clerk to make enquiries
  8. Village Centre parking loading and unloading restrictions being advertised; letter of objection received from Chethams 38 London Rd agreed Clerk reply to explain HCPC position
























5.Performance review

Clerk reported work to be done on public footpaths, village centre improvements, CAD papers for Dr Le-Las



6. Amenities & Planning

Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda



7. Traffic & Planning

Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda



8. CAD - Kinderton

  1. Clerk went over report made to last T&P, in particular the need for a public meeting to be held in HC after summer holidays. Preference for a Council organised meeting rather than MAD
  2. Clerk organising papers for Dr Le-Las






9. Finance

  1. Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda
  2. Accounts for payment as per Finance minutes +

CCC use of school - 40.25

BT IT - 99.91





10. Borough Council matters

TJH reported:

  1. Centralisation new offices
  2. Local Government re-organisation
  3. These two issues taking a lot of CBC time

  4. Local Plan Issues of housing numbers and employment sites being discussed and need to be considered by HCPC to be referred to next T&P
  5. Kinderton CBC Planning Committee resolved to object to proposals







11. Planning applications


36163/3 19 Hawthorne Close Conservatory No objection

36193/3 Aventis London Road Turnstile access to building No objection

36214/3 NuNu plc Manor Lane Signs Concern because some signs already erected and colours out of keeping with a building on the edge of open countryside

36215/3 NuNu plc Manor Lane Extension No objection











12. Garden competition

Judges reported on final places:



Senior Citizens

Public Building


Arrangements discussed for presentation of trophies if possible 30-08-03 at champion garden


13. Sandbach Almshouses Charity

Clerk reported Mr FWN Cowgill had retired as a trustee and as Chairman. Resolved a letter of thanks be sent to him, particularly as he was originally appointed by HCPC




14. Twinning Association

JB and SJM reported on forthcoming events


15. Police

Further concern expressed about broken windows and problems in village centre; also less Police presence. Clerk indicated he had reported similar comments after T&P agreed that these should be repeated if necessary





16. General correspondence

  1. Knutsford Road planning appeal - to be heard on 23-09-03; RCP to act as HCPC rep.
  2. CAB letter re first year of Congleton District CAB and AGM to be held on 15-10-03; TJH agreed to attend
  3. Victoria Bowling Club request for financial contribution to be referred to T&P





17. Members items

  1. Question time Before formal opening of meeting complaints had been made about parking problems on Parkway and Co-op car park to be referred to T&P; Co-op to be invited to send a rep. to a meeting
  2. Red Lion Further complaints to be referred to Police, and if appropriate to Environmental Health Dept and Clerk to Licencing Justices
  3. Dane Valley JB reported problems of thistles etc Clerk had referred to CBC
  4. Elm Drive play area Rocking horse now taken for repair
  5. Plastic recycling bin Parkway New bin did not have capacity of old bins which it replaced and causing litter problems Clerk to refer to CBC













Close 9.00 p.m.


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