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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Wednesday 15 May 2002 at 7.30 p.m.




1. Attendance

Mrs J Booth P

Mrs ME Coombs P

Mrs DE Currie P

Mr PJ Gregory P

Mr TJ Howkins P

Mrs IM Mackenzie P

Mrs SJ Maddock P

Mrs YD Moore P

Mr RC Parry A

Mr DR Peake A

Mr AC Rickards P

Mr J Rigby P

County Councillor K Oliver A

P = present, A = apology, N = non-attendance


2. Opening

TJH opened meeting and invited nominations for Chairman.


3. Election of Chairman

Resolved Mrs J Booth be elected.

JB took the chair, signed the declaration of acceptance of office and accepted the badge of office.


4. Other appointments

Resolved the following appointments be made:


Vice – Chairman Mr AC Rickards



Amenities & Planning

Mrs J Booth (ex officio)

Mrs DE Currie (Chairman)

Mr PJ Gregory

Mr TJ Howkins

Mrs SJ Maddock

Mrs YD Moore

Traffic & Planning

Mrs J Booth (ex officio)

Mrs ME Coombs

Mrs IM Mackenzie

Mr DR Peake (Chairman)

Mr AC Rickards

Mr RC Parry

Mr J Rigby


Mrs J Booth (Chairman)

Mrs DE Currie

Mrs IM Mackenzie

Mrs SJ Maddock

Mr DR Peake

Mr AC Rickards



Leisure Centre JMC – Mrs Booth and Mrs Moore

Deputies Mrs Maddock and Mr Howkins


Twinning Association – The Chairman and Mr Howkins


Association of Parish Councils Area Meeting – Mrs Booth and Mr Rigby

Larger Councils Forum – Mr Rigby (Deputy Mrs Booth)


Best Kept Garden Judges The Chairman Mrs Coombs and Mrs Moore


Library Liaison Committee – Mrs Mackenzie and Mrs Maddock


CBC Area Committee - The Chairman


Press / Publicity Officers – Mr Rickards and Mrs Currie


Financial Officer (Member) – Mr Rickards


Cranage Playing Pitch Sub-Committee – Mrs Maddock and Mr Gregory


Congleton Police Forum – Mr Rigby


To 2006

Sandbach Almshouses Charity – Trustee Mr DR Peake


5. Civic Service

Agreed arrangements should be made for 23-06-02 at HC Methodist Church and reception at Hermitage School




6. Minutes


Council 28-03-02 approved

Council 11-04-02 approved

Annual Parish Meeting 11-04-02 approved subject to approval at next APM


7. Matters arising

Agreed Clerk should arrange for matters raised at APM to be reviewed by appropriate committees



8. Performance review

Council considered action taken following last cycle of meetings – two matters outstanding:
1. Clerk to prepare submission to Local Plan Review inquiry

2. Clerk and ACR to review new audit regulations in particular appointment of internal auditor and report back







10. Code of Conduct

Members considered information circulated since the last meeting and where necessary reviewed their declaration – Clerk to check with RCP and then confirm to Monitoring Officer that all forms complete


RCP & Clerk


11. Standing orders

Clerk reported that Assoc. of Parish Councils reviewing model standing orders in the light of new code of conduct and audit regulations – so he had not circulated newly adopted standing orders.

Resolved circulation be delayed pending decision as to whether amendments required, but any member requiring a copy should inform Clerk


12. CBC

TJH reported on following:

  1. Area Committee had met and continuing concern about Area 3 which will be considered further
  2. TJH re-elected Councillor for HC; overall constitution of Council No Overall Control; Conservatives largest group and would take executive positions; other parties would take scrutiny committees; membership of committees still to be finalised and TJH would notify Clerk
  3. CBC calendar now produced – some clashes with HCPC calendar but agreed no further changes be made










13. CCC

KO had sent message reporting on the following:

  1. Byley gas plant recommended for approval by CCC
  2. CCC proposing motion to oppose proposed rural assemblies

14. Planning applications


34403/6 WA Motors Middlewich Rd – renewal of temporary consent – approve provided that conditions on original consent are observed and only temporary for 3 yrs





15. Gas storage plant at Byley

See 13 above


16. School Governors

Both governors reported on routine meetings


17. Police

  1. JR reported on forthcoming Forum Meeting
  2. Clerk reported on e-mail from new Divisional Commander re HC Police Station. Agreed Clerk reply asking about custody suites and other areas of concern and invitation to attend a meeting
  3. JR reported on action re parking offences in Middlewich Rd area
  4. Concern expressed re vandalism problems in Elm Drive area






18. Site meetings

  1. See notes attached
  2. DRP reported in more detail re burial facilities
  3. Letter received from CBC re river crossing which is not receiving great priority
  4. Agreed Clerk liase with Cranage Parish Council re these points
  5. Agreed further site visits be arranged for 30-05-02








19. Leisure Centre JMC

Chairman reported on last JMC. Concern expressed re:

  1. new floor which may prevent non sports use of facilities
  2. marketing of school / leisure centre facilities which may compete with other local facilities

20. Future meetings

Council considered items for inclusion in agendas for next cycle of meetings



21. Twinning Association

SJM reported on recent committee meeting and need for hosts for visitors in November


22. Golden Jubilee

  1. Mugs ordered for primary school children – IMM to make enquiries about delivery to enable presentations to be organised
  2. Local events noted but unlikely to be an event in the Leisure Centre
  3. Memorial for Village Centre to be considered by committees in conjunction with comments from Village Volunteers









23. Accounts for payment

Resolved: the following be approved

DR Cowgill – Salary April

DR Cowgill – APM expenses

British Telecom plc - IT

Cheshire Assoc of Parish Councils – Audit meeting and guide

Cornhill Insurance – Annual premium

St. Luke’s PCC - Church Yards (s.137)

St. Luke’s Hospice – Donation (s.137)


















24. General correspondence

Village Volunteers – Information about future activites to be considered by committees



25. Members’ items

  1. Barclays Bank – Clerk to enquire on progress of external work
  2. Village centre – Condition of toilets and amount of litter to be reported
  3. Weeds in gutters – TJH reported on project being undertaken by Highways – area reps to report back to Clerk



All members


Close 8.55 p.m.





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