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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 16 August 2001 at 7.30 p.m.

1. Attendance

Mr TJ Howkins (Chairman)
Mrs J Booth (Vice-Chairman)
Mrs ME Coombs
Mrs DE Currie
Mr PJ Gregory
Mrs IM Mackenzie
Mrs SJ Maddock
Mrs YD Moore
Mr RC Parry
Mr DR Peake
Mr AC Rickards
Mr J Rigby

County Councillor K Oliver

2. Minutes

Council 05-07-01 approved
A&P 19-07-01 received
T&P 02-08-01 received
Finance 09-08-01 received.

3. Matters arising
1. Mrs AC Nichols
– letter of thanks received
2. A&P Committee discussion with CBC officers - noted that minutes set out a timetable for works which needed to be kept under careful review

4. Performance Review
Council considered action taken since last cycle of meetings.
ACR and Clerk to carry out further work on accounts programme and standing orders.

5. Amenities and Planning
Items agreed for inclusion in next agenda

6. Traffic & Planning
1. Questions – arising from questions raised before formal opening of meeting, agreed:
 arrange meeting to discuss crossing village centre
 ask CBC to take action in respect of unauthorised signs
 write to Manchester Airport re aircraft noise
2. Update from Highways Department – letter received re issues raised from recent meetings. Arising therefrom:
 RCP reported s.106 agreement with McCarthy & Stone signed
 Clerk to press CCC re highway survey
3. Byley gas plant – Report from members who had attended Cranage PC meeting on 15-08-01. Arising therefrom:
 Likely to be a public inquiry
 Costs could be prohibitive for local community if CCC approve plan and it is called in
 Further account from Dr. Le-Las for £3157
 Council should continue financial support
 Meeting required to discuss financial implications and devise formula for sharing costs
 Chairman RCP and DRP to represent Council.
4. Rhodia Chi-Rex – Letter from company with details of letter circulated to local residents; letter from police noting concern about notification. Noted HSE not likely to report back for 2 months. Agreed situation must then be reviewed carefully.
5. Next meeting – Items agreed for inclusion in agenda.

7. Finance
1. Next meeting – Items agreed for inclusion in agenda
2. Accounts for payment – Cheques agreed for signing.

8. Future meetings
Agreed dates of next Finance Committee and Council be changed because of holidays:
Finance – Thursday 04-10-01 – 7.00 p.m.
Council - Thursday 04-10-01 – 8.00 p.m.

9. Borough Council matters
1. Area Committee 3 – JB reported on last meeting
2. “At Home” – Chairman and JB to attend next meeting when Clerk away
3. Planning Committee – No reply to letters; RCP reported further on situation; not likely to change this year. Agreed press for reply to letters and then consider contacting members form other wards. RCP will endeavour to attend meetings in non-voting capacity when required
4. Reports – RCP reported on situation re s106 agreement on McCarthy & Stone site and hand over of car park; and objection to speed limit on A 535 Twemlow to Saltersford which is causing delay.

10. County Council matters
1. Chairman welcomed KO to first meeting as County Councillor
2. KO paid tribute to work of RCP and reported on committee membership and induction courses
3. In particular he had attended seminar on waste management and he was asked to keep Council well informed on this matter because of local concern.

11. Police
Letter from police commenting on communication problems and advocating use of 999 in emergency.

12. Planning applications
33510/3 – 35 Middlewich Road – Conservatory and extension – no objection
33523/9 – Co-op 28 London Road – Signage – object
33524/3 – 8 Riverside Crescent – Extension – no objection (YDM declared interest in this application)

13. Defribrilator / First Responder
JB and ACR reported on meeting held at Sandbach Ambulance Station. Ambulance Service want to use HC as prototype for scheme in Cheshire. No risk or financial commitment required from Council but support would be appreciated.
Resolved support be given and Ambulance Service be informed accordingly on above basis; review in 6 months.

14. Best Kept Village Competition
Final event to be held at Tatton Hall on Thursday 27-09-01 preceded by AGM of Cheshire Community Council.
Chairman JB and SJM to attend.

15. Best Kept Village Competition
Judges making final recommendations with a view to final decisions being available for next A&P; when arrangements will be made for presentations.

16. General correspondence
Clerk reported on items to be circulated and forthcoming meetings of general interest.

17. Members’ items
1. Library – to be closed for one week in September for installation of new systems. May affect Information Centre.
2. Scouts – Clerk asked to send letter to mark 75th anniversary.

Close 9.15 p.m.

Accounts for payment:

IM Mackenzie : Cost of gift to Mrs AC Nichols £62.50
DR Cowgill : Refund of year end tax and NIC £971.40
Victoria Club : Hire of hall £15.00
DR Cowgill : Salary May June July £900.00
Inland Revenue : Tax and NIC £450.00
Jenny D Catering : Civic Service catering £240.00
DR Cowgill : Refund of expenses for Civic Service £111.00
DR Cowgill : Refund of expenses for computer repair £129.25
British Telecom : IT £77.78

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