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Holmes Chapel Parish Council
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Thursday 24th June 2004 at 6.00 p.m.


Thursday 24 June 2004 at 6.00 p.m.

Holmes Chapel Primary School




1. Attendance

Mr WA Ashworth P

Mrs IM Mackenzie P

Mrs YD Moore P

Mr RC Parry P

Mr DR Peake P

Mr AC Rickards P

Mr DE Savage P

Mr MJ Street P

Mr SW Waltho P

Mr A Watkins P


P = present, A = apology, N = non-attendance


2. Opening

  1. The retiring Chairman, Mr Rickards took the chair and opened the meeting
  2. All members completed and signed declaration of acceptance of office and register of interest forms which were received
  3. Bank mandate forms were completed – resolved these be passed to Banks








3. Election of Chairman

  1. Resolved Mr Peake be elected
  2. Mr Rickards handed over the badge of office and thanked Mr Peake for his work as Vice-Chairman particularly when Mr Rickards ill
  3. Mr Peake accepted the badge of office and signed the declaration of acceptance of office

4. Election of Vice-Chairman

Resolved Mr Watkins be elected


5. Co-options

  1. Because only 10 people had stood for election, 2 vacancies had to be filled by co-option
  2. The following had been nominated for co-option and indicated willingness to stand
    • Mr JB Adams
    • Mr K Fenn
    • Mr WJ Forshaw

  3. Resolved each person a suitable candidate for co-option
  4. After a vote was taken resolved Mr Adams and Mr Forshaw be co-opted
  5. Clerk to contact each of those co-opted and arrange completion of forms; to thank Mr Fenn for his interest














6. Civic Service

Chairman indicated Civic Service held on 4th Sunday in June; not possible this year and arrangements not possible before holiday season; consideration to be given to some form of service later in year possibly at Christmas



& Clerk


7. Review of code of conduct and register of interests

Chairman and Clerk explained importance of these matters and procedural issues generally. They would be reviewed at each Annual Meeting




8. Other appointments

Resolved the appointments set out in the appendix to these minutes be made:


9. Area representatives

Chairman explained purpose of this list, which had not been widely used by last Council but could be of benefit. Agreed Clerk should update list




10. Other co-options

Resolved the following be co-opted as non-voting members of A&P Committee:

Mr J Clowes of Village Volunteers – who had indicted his agreement to continue

Mrs SJ Maddock – to be involved in Cranage Playing Field Project – Clerk to ask her to confirm







11. Minutes


Council 27-05-04 approved


12. Matters arising

  1. Employment site A54 – Clerk reported on correspondence with CPRE – agreed no further action be taken other than to consider continued payment of sub; DES asked if membership of Council compatible with membership of Action Committee – Chairman said not but explained care which needed to be taken in particular Councillors are elected in own right to represent whole of village and are not delegates to any individuals or groups
  2. Training – information received from Assoc of PC’s would be circulated; other training to be covered at item 13










13. Borough Council matters

  1. Chairman and Clerk explained liaison with CBC and provisions in Standing Orders, but pointed out this is first occasion no members of CBC are Parish Councillors. Clerk had written to recently elected new member Jackie Cox and awaited her reply
  2. Glyn Chambers, Chief Exec of CBC acts as Parish Friend and would attend a future meeting
  3. ACR and Clerk had attended "At Home" meeting on 22-06-04 when following issues discussed:

  • Re-cycling street collections got off to bad start but Cheshire Recycling had replaced contractors and improvements expected
  • Local Government Review in hands of Deputy PM to consider recommendations of Boundary Committee – referendum expected in Nov 2004
  • Training on role of Councillors being organised and CBC willing to extend to Parish Councils – 8 members expressed interest – Clerk to inform CBC


















14. County Council matters

Chairman and Clerk explained arrangements with County Councillor who attended some meetings


15. Venue for Council meetings

Chairman and Clerk explained need to consider venue for meetings in view of some problems with use of dining room at Primary School. Agreed situation be kept under review


16. Police

  1. Chairman and Clerk explained communications with police and regular agenda items
  2. Particular issues at present are skateboarding, Precinct problems extending on to new car park and CCTV
  3. Local Inspector had made presentation to APM in April and had set up Community Action Safety Group – first meeting at Fire Station 29-06-04 at 7.00 p.m.








17. School governors

  1. IMM and YDM explained role of school governors to Primary Schools and forthcoming changes
  2. YDM then gave report of recent meeting of governors of Hermitage Primary School – noted that school crossing patrol was to be reinstated
  3. Council considered complaints



18. Sandbach Almshouses Trustees

Chairman explained role of trustees – he is HCPC nominee and will report on meetings when necessary



19 Twinning Association

Clerk declared an interest and reported that his wife is current Chairman. Details of forthcoming events reported


20. Planning applications

Resolved no objection to the following:

37374/3 – 6 Troon Close – Conservatory

37387/3 – 92 Portree Drive - Conservatory

37433/3 – 4 Balmoral Drive – Extension

37441/3 – 11 Lingmel Gardens – Extension

37442/3 – 28 Chestnut Drive – Extension

37443/3 – 44 Portree Drive - Extension

37461/3 – 37472/3 – Royal Mail pouch boxes*

*YDM declared an interest in 37461/3









21. Financial overview

Copy of budget circulated with agenda to give new members essential information; it would be examined in next cycle of committee meetings




22. Cranage Playing Field


Clerk gave a brief report on present position; meeting to be held with joint partners on 30-06-04 to discuss appointment of architect to prepare a vision for future of site





23. Review of major planning issues

Council considered the following:

  1. Byley Gas Plant – IMM reported Cranage PC and an individual issuing writ claiming Deputy PM’s decision wrong
  2. Local Plan – Employment site A54 – Clerk reported GONW officers visited CBC on 21-06-04 – now being referred to Secretaries of State
  3. Waste tip Kinderton – Meeting of CAD to be held 01-07-06 at 6.00 p.m. Middlewich










24. Agendas for future meetings

Council discussed items to be included in future agendas



25. Accounts for payment

Resolved: the following be approved:

DR Cowgill – Salary May

HC Twinning Assoc – Sub

Middlewich TC – CAD expenses

s. 137 Payments:

HC Youth Club

St Luke’s PCC – Churchyards

St Luke’s Hospice -Donation

CAB - Donation

(ACR and MJS declared non-prejudicial) interest in payment to St Luke’s PCC

















26. General correspondence

Clerk produced items for circulation



27. Members’ items

Clerk to report following complaints:

  1. Hedge on path Elmore Close / Middlewich Rd
  2. Resurfacing problems on Bramhall Drive estate
  3. vehicle parking on Church Walk
  4. Station Rd signs
  5. Need for re-surfacing of London Rd







Close 7.35 p.m.







Chairman – David Peake


Vice – Chairman – Alan Watkins



Amenities & Planning

Yvonne Moore (Committee Chairman)

Bill Forshaw

David Peake

Alan Rickards

Mike Street

Steve Waltho

Co-opted – non voting:

John Clowes

Sue Maddock

Traffic & Planning

Alan Ashworth (Committee Chairman)

Jonathan Adams

May Mackenzie

Rab Parry

David Peake

David Savage

Alan Watkins


Chairman – Chairman of the Council, David Peake

Alan Watkins

Mrs Moore (A&P)

Mr Parry (T&P)

Mr Savage (T&P)

Mr Waltho (A&P)




Leisure Centre JMC – Yvonne Moore and Rab Parry

Deputies – Mike Street and Steve Waltho


Twinning Association – The Chairman and Rab Parry


Association of Parish Councils Area Meeting – Alan Rickards and Alan Watkins


Best Kept Garden Judges - The Chairman, Rab Parry and Alan Watkins


Village Volunteers Liaison - Jonathan Adams


Library Liaison Committee – May Mackenzie and David Savage


CBC Area Committee - The Chairman


Press / Publicity Officer(s) – Alan Rickards


Financial Officer (Member) – Alan Rickards


Cranage Playing Pitch Sub-Committee – Alan Ashworth and Steve Waltho and Sue Maddock (Co-opted)


Congleton Police Forum – Rab Parry


HC Community Safety Action Group – Rab Parry – Deputies Alan Ashworth and Alan Watkins

Appointed to continue until notification

School Governors

Holmes Chapel Primary – May Mackenzie

Hermitage Primary – Yvonne Moore

2002 - 2006

Sandbach Almshouses Charity – Trustee David Peake


County Transport Liaison Committee – Alan Rickards and Alan Watkins


Highway Spokesman – Rab Parry and May Mackenzie


CAD Committee – Rab Parry and David Savage (Deputy Steve Waltho)




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